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EZ Vinyl Cleaner Clear View Kit Vinyl Care Kit
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"I love your VINYL GUARD. I use it on all the seats on my 28 ft pontoon boat. WOW, what a difference! Like you say on your website, the seats are not greasy like the other stuff I used, they look great & they are easy to clean. With 4 kids and 2 dogs, that's important."
- Ned H, Wagoner OK

"VINYL GUARD is awesome. I treat all the seats on my Fountain every 3 months. it stops the greasy paw prints from staining when I have to crawl out of the engine compartment. Just like you say, it's not greasy & doesn't stain my cloths like the oil products."
- Garry A, Long Beach, CA


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Why You'll Love It!

why you'll love it
  • Easy to Use, Long Lasting Vinyl Care. To prep vinyl, clean & degrease with EZ Vinyl Cleaner. Wipe on Vinyl Guard & let dry. 2 coats lasts all season.
  • Not Oily or Greasy. No slip-sliding around. Won't stain clothing.
  • Reconditions Vinyl Fabrics. Restores water-proofing, color, suppleness & smooth surfaces.
  • Protect Your Vinyl Investments. Ideal for seats, tops & awnings. Use on new & old vinyl. Resists sun, pollutants, oil, grime, water & stain penetration. Protects against cracking, fading, soiling, discoloration, mildew, oxidation & scuffing.
Smart as Science, Easy as Magic Environment Safe Boat Care Products That WORK! eco friendly

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System Matched VINYL GUARD
       EZ Vinyl Cleaner
  • Safe for all vinyl and fabric surfaces and the environment.
  • Concentrated, water activated cleaner. A little goes a long way.
  • Easy to Use: Spray, Scrub, Rinse.
  • Won’t Cause Pink Spots.
  • Won’t Rot Threads.
       Vinyl Care Kit
  • Safe for all vinyl and fabric surfaces and the environment.
  • Safe for Hypalon and PVC Will NOT Attack Adhesives or Fabric.
  • UV Inhibitors:Protect Against UV Damage, Chalking and Fading.
  • Protects Against Dirt, Grime, Diesel, Soot, Stains, Bird Droppings and More.
       Clear View Kit
  • Use On Hatches, Port Holes, Windshields, Side Curtains, Compass Domes, Instrument Crystals & More.
  • Regular use will extend the life of all see through plastics.
  • Ideal for the care and maintenance your isenglass, Strataglass, Lexan, Plexiglass, and other clear vinyl windows aboard your boat or yacht.
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