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"After all of my previous attempts to clean the damage / stains left by hydraulic fluid on my Strataglass I didn't have much hope that your Clear View would actually help."
Garry Dixon


Don't Panic!
You Too Can Restore and Protect Your Clear Vinyl Boat Windows.

Watch Free Step-by-Step Video
Watch Free Step-by-Step Video
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Why You'll Love It!

why you'll love it
  • Restores Optical Clarity. Ideal for use on Boats, Planes, RVs, Snowmobiles, Motorcycles, Windshields, Face Shields & More.
  • Sun Screens to Retard Fogging.
  • Contains Plasticisers to Renurture Plastics. Anti-Static Properties Repel Dust and Dirt.
  • For New and Old Plastics.
  • Removes and Fills Light Scratches.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Smart as Science, Easy as Magic Environment Safe Boat Care Products That WORK! eco friendly

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  • No.1 Fiberglass Boat Cleaner: Perfect for Deep Cleaning Boats Prior to the Application of Protectants, Polishes or Wax.
  • Easy to Use: Vertical Cling, Won't Run When Cleaning Vertical Surfaces.
  • Polishes Marine Metals and Removes Rust.
  • Deoxidizes Fiberglass.
  • Restores Color Removes Yellowing, Stains, Chalking and Scuffs.
EZ Vinyl Cleaner
  • Safe for all vinyl and fabric surfaces and the environment.
  • Concentrated, water activated cleaner. A little goes a long way.
  • Easy to Use: Spray, Scrub, Rinse.
  • Won’t Cause Pink Spots.
  • Won’t Rot Threads.
Vinyl Guard
  • Fast and Easy to Use: Wipe On and Let Dry.
  • Luxurious Shine.
  • Protects Against Dirt, Grime, Diesel, Soot, Stains, Bird Droppings and More.
  • Made from a Space Age Polymer - Does NOT Contain Silicone or Wax.
  • UV Inhibitors: Protect Against UV Damage, Chalking and Fading.
Odor Free
  • Stop the Stinkies!
  • Knocks Out Odors on Contact.
  • Stops Permeation Odors in Rubber Hoses.
  • Time Release Granules with Tissue Digesters.
  • Safe to use House-Hold Toilet Tissues.