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"I was totally pleased with the results. I've always babied this boat but could never find the right product to do the deep clean and protect on the textured top. So pleased. I hope it lasts the season. I've used the dinghy cleaners for years and also impressed. I will continue with the sure step forever..."

-Chris Hollier


no skid logo The World's Only Pressure Sensitive Deck Polish. Our Skid-X™polymer grips when weight of the human foot is applied, with or without footwear! Feel the security traction even when the decks are wet.

Nano Technology
You Too Can Protect Your Non-Skid Decks

Watch Free Step-by-Step Video
Watch Free Step-by-Step Video
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Why You'll Love It!

why you'll love it
  • Removes the Sure Step haze and polishes the surface to a beautiful shine.
  • Polishes the crevices as well as the top surfaces of non-skid patterns on fiberglass boat decks.
  • The extra thick 80 ply (1”) cotton doubles the surface area to reduce buffing time and improve final results.
  • When properly maintained, premium Sure Step buffing wheel has a long life.
  • Designed for optimum polishing of difficult to reach crevices.
Smart as Science, Easy as Magic Environment Safe Boat Care Products That WORK! eco friendly

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System Matched Products
Sure Step Deck Protect Kit
  • Kit Includes:
  • 2x Sure Step
  • Boat Scrub
  • Boat Clean Plus
  • Sure Step Buffing Wheel
Sure Step Buffing Wheel Arbor
  • This buffing wheel drill adaptor allows you to use the heavy duty Sure Step cotton buffing wheel.
  • Made with a ½” mounting hole, on a portable drill with a smaller chuck.
Sure Step
  • Easy to Use: Roll On with a paint roller and buff to a Luxurious Shine
  • Restores Non-Skid Fiberglass Decks to "Like New"
  • 1st coat seals the pores. 2nd coat provides UV protection and shine.
  • Easy Maintenance. No more scrubbing
  • Traction, even when the decks are wet.
  • Durable. One application lasts all season.
  • Improves appearance and value of your boat.
Boat Scrub
  • No.1 Fiberglass Boat Cleaner: Perfect for Deep Cleaning Boats Prior to the Application of Protectants, Polishes or Wax.
  • Ideal for Cleaning Non-Skid and Textured Fiberglass Boat Decks
  • Easy to Use: Vertical Cling, Won't Run When Cleaning Vertical Surfaces
  • Free Rinsing: Leaves No Slippery Residue.
  • Contains No Wax or Silicone
  • Deoxidizes Fiberglass.
  • Restores Color Removes Yellowing, Stains, Chalking and Scuffs
  • Polishes Marine Metals and Removes Rust.
  • Environment Friendly: Biodegradable: Safe for Sensitive Waterways.