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System Matched™ products are designed to work together

Our Polishes and Protectors are designed to bond to the surface for maximum protection, durability and performance. It’s important that the surface and pores in the gel coat are perfectly clean so the polish and protectant can properly adhere to the surface, not to the dirt, grime, old wax and oxidation or the residue left behind by an inferior cleaner. That’s why Aurora protection lasts so long.


Get Guaranteed results with Aurora Marine System Matched™ products

Our specialty Cleaners, Deoxidizers and Restorers have been designed to clean and prepare the surfaces of your boat for application of our unique Marine Polishes and Protectors. They are formulated to deep clean the pores, remove the most stubborn stains from all boat substrates and strip away old wax, surface pollutants, scuff marks and oxidation, restore color and brighten white surfaces. When you apply our Polishes and Protectors to an “Aurora Clean” boat, you get an easy to maintain surface and a finish that is the envy of everyone who sees your boat. As tough as our cleaners are on dirt, they are gentle on your boat and the environment. They are free rinsing so that no residue is left behind to impair adhesion and protection of our Polishes and Protectors. They are also biodegradable so that there is minimal impact on the environment.


Discerning boat owners only use Aurora Boat Care Products to maintain their boats and protect their investment. Boat manufacturers use and recommend Aurora products to their dealers and customers.


There are boat owners that have used Aurora System Matched™ Boat Care Products for over 15 years. They tell us that their boats look like the day they bought them and thousands of boat owners report that they were successful in restoring older abused boats to “like new” condition with Aurora System Match Products.