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Stop Stinky Boat Syndrome – New Odor Free Storage Treatment!


Odor Free Storage Treatment

…smelling up your boat in the spring. Guaranteed!

All Boats in storage with a Head, (Marine Sanitation System) are susceptible to Stinky Boat Syndrome. You know, when you open up your boat in the spring, after it’s long winter hibernation, the first thing you’re greeted with is a horrible odor. You swear that an animal died in your boat. But no, it’s just your Marine Sanitation Device. And that smell gets into the mattresses, upholstery, carpeting and headliner and you’re going to be spraying and airing out half the summer before the odor finally leaves or you just get used to it. It’s not only an unpleasant and unhealthy situation, but also a little embarrassing when you invite family and friends onboard. ODOR FREE STORAGE TREATMENT can stop that.

Marine Sanitation Systems are far more complicated than your home toilet and not nearly as durable. They have pumps, through hull inlets, flapper valves, duck valves, rubber hoses, holding tanks with senders and gauges, vents and more. You’re supposed to service and maintain your system on a regular basis, but nobody wants to or does. Even your marina would rather not deal with your problems. So, like everybody else, you wait until it no longer works, or smells so bad you can’t stand it anymore before doing something about it.

The root problems is that not all of the effluent is evacuated each time you use the head, so there’s always residue in the system. Constant use and flushing during the season keeps moving the residue along so you don’t realize that there could be a problem but during storage, it just sits there for months on end. Freezing cold doesn’t kill the bacteria it just causes it to become dormant. On sunny days, the inside of your boat warms up and the bacteria re-activates and starts to digest the residue, causing out-gassing, which escapes into your boat, where it permeates all the soft surfaces, making your boat reek. ODOR FREE STORAGE TREATMENT can stop that.

ODOR FREE STORAGE TREATMENT uses the proven ingredients in ODOR FREE, which neutralizes odor causing bacteria on contact, in a proprietary liquid that clings to all the plumbing surfaces. This preventing the bacteria from re-activating until it’s flushed away next spring. It’s safe for all the plumbing surfaces and it even helps to eliminate permeation odors from hoses. Of course it’s environment friendly and biodegradable.

It’s easy to use. After your marine sanitation system has been pumped out for the last time and winterized with antifreeze, simply flush a bottle of ODOR FREE STORAGE TREATMENT through the toilet. It will coat all the plumbing surfaces and begin to work for you immediately and will last up to nine months. One bottle will protect one boat, up to 50 gal tank capacity.

Every boat owner with a head aboard that we talked to loves the idea. It’s cheap insurance against a very annoying problem and you’ll save enough money on deodorizers and disinfectants to more than pay for it.

Tell your marina to treat your head with ODOR FREE STORAGE TREATMENT before he stores your boat, or order a bottle from your favorite dealer or online and flush it into your head to Prevent Stinky Boat Syndrome and enjoy an ODOR FREE boat next spring.

I hope you’ll like our new invention. Please send us your feedback and send us pictures of your boat. We’d love to hear from you.

Richard Kittar
President and CEO
Aurora Marine Industries Inc.