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Hi all,

Sorry, I haven’t posted in months. Since the introduction of our new products, we have just been slammed. The ask the skipper blog has kept me so busy that I haven’t been able to post all the responses, however, I’ve tried to respond personally, to as many inquires as possible. Eventually I’ll get them posted.

I’ve posted a brief You Tube video of our new EZ Buff buffing cream, with the best intentions of writing a full step by step series of videos, and it’s captured the attention of thousands of boat owners. Here’s a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uq59sTf6fJc I think that half the boat owners in North America have been waiting for this product. We’re starting to get feedback and it’s all positive.


EZ Buff and EZ Buff Extender were invented for DIY but a lot of professional detailers are stepping up to the plate and buying the products instead of using the old fashioned solvent based rubbing compounds that were invented for use on cars. EZ Buff is easy to use. The Extender lubricates the surface so there are no swirl marks or burn through, and the results are fantastic. No wonder everyone wants to get their boats looking shiny and new again.

You’ve only got about a month to get your boat ready for what promises to be the best summer ever. If you need any help, send an email to “Ask the Skipper” and I’ll try to help.

I promise to post more often.

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar