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Remarkable New Polymer Converts Salt Water Spots Into A Boat Polish!


kwik shine

A recent discovery at Aurora Marine Industries has resulted in a remarkable new product called Kwik Shine, that quickly cleans, polishes and protects in one easy application. One of the features that make this product amazing is its ability to dissolve salt water spots on contact and convert the calcium chloride into a cleaner, in effect turbo-charging the built in cleaners. Removing corrosive and abrasive salt water spots is a major problem for all salt water boat owners. Auroras new technology turns this undesirable element into an advantage. Kwik Shine also works well in fresh water areas.

Aurora Kwik Shine is packaged in a convenient, easy to use, spray bottle. Since it has built-in cleaners, it’s not necessary to wash the boat before polishing. Simply spray on and buff to a brilliant, protective shine. This is a real bonus to boat owners that don’t have the time or fresh running water to pre-wash their boats or who wish to detail their boats while underway. The cleaners will remove light oxidation (even from metal flake), fuel spills, grease, oil, dirt and grime on fiberglass, paint, glass, plastic and all marine metals. It can be used on all hard surfaces inside and outside the boat. The instant results you get from polishing your boat with Kwik Shine makes it fun, not work.

The brilliant shine and protection comes from polymers, sun screens and anti-statics. This no wax formula eliminates the problems of yellowing and build up and the chore of removing old coatings before re-polishing. The resultant hard polish finish resists fingerprints and the anti-static properties repel dust and dirt.

In addition to consumer use, many boat dealers are now using Kwik Shine in their show rooms and for detailing used boats. Dealers are also using it in their service departments to detail customers boats prior to delivery. Since it’s so fast and easy to use, it’s a great value added service and customers really appreciate the extra care and attention that their dealer gave their boat. At a recent Boat Show dealers tested Kwik Shine against other products. They found that the show boats protected with Kwik Shine stayed much cleaner as well as dust and fingerprint free throughout the show and had a higher shine than when they received them from the factory.

Kwik Shine can be used safely on sail and power boats, personal watercraft, jet boats, hulls, decks, portholes, hatches, masts and booms, winches, windshields, instrument panels, outboard motor cowlings, stainless steel, aluminum, chrome, appliances and much more.

All Aurora Boat Care Products come with a no risk “Satisfaction Or Your Money Back” guarantee. Kwik Shine is available at better marine Dealers. For more information on Aurora Kwik Shine or for the location of your nearest Dealer follow the links or contact us by email at: boat.care@auroramarine.com