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Quick Silver is by far the best cleaning product for Stainless Steel…


Quick Silver is by far the best cleaning product for stainless steel that I have ever come across. See some before and after photos of a tea stained awning at one of our jobs at Miami.
Myself and our client are blown away with the results.

Quick Silver product will be a must include in all of our hand over manuals in the maintenance of stainless steel on our buildings.


We finished the job but the client would not release the Half Million Dollar hold back because of the rust (tea stain) on the stainless steel awning at the front of the building.


The best quote that we got to polish the stainless steel was $30,000 with a time estimate of 4 to 6 weeks. We wound up buying $600 worth of your product, used our own crew and 4 days later the stainless steel was cleaned, restored and protected, better than new. Amazing!


Our client was super impressed and released the holdback.


4 months on and still no sign of the tea stain coming back.


Great products. Keep up the good work!


Guy Thoroughgood
Site Manager.


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