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Cleaning your Buffing Wheel



Richard Asked:

I just used Sure Step to protect my non-skid. How do I clean the Buffing Wheel?


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The best way is to operate the Buffing Wheel on the drill and scrape the working edge against a knife edge or other flat piece of stainless steel. You can also purchase a SPUR tool made especially for cleaning buffing wheels. Keep the wheel dedicated for use on Sure Step. Do not use raw steel or aluminum as the cleaning tool as the rust or aluminum oxide will transfer onto the Buffing Wheel.

You can also wash the Buffing Wheel in Boat Clean Plus and water, but this will cause the fabric to matt. It can be loosened up a bit by running it against a spur or stiff scrub brush, but the wheel will never operate the same and I would not recommend it.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar