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Will run off from Canvas Shield and Fabri-Klean damage my boat?


Kenneth A Kosar asked:

Does your canvas/fabric cleaner and protector damage isnglass or does the runoff damage the boat shine product on the fiberglass.


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Fabri-Klean canvas cleaner is a free rinsing, water based product. Any run off will not damage the isinglass, polished fiberglass, stainless steel, aluminum, or glass surfaces on your boat. The runoff may contain dirt, pollutants and soap scum, from previous washing, as well as the Fabri-Klean residue, which can appear as streaks, but these are easily rinsed away with fresh water.

Canvas Shield over spray can easily be wiped away from adjacent surfaces when still wet and it will not cause any damage. If allowed to dry, it can be washed off of glass with Fabri-Klean and water. If the Canvas Shield is allowed to dry on the isinglass it can be removed with a bit of Clean View No. 2, which will lift the residue and also leave a UV protective film on your see through vinyl windows. On gelcoat or stainless steel, you can over polish with Premium Boat Shine or Kwik Shine and these polishes will lift the overspray and leave a UV protective polish coat. If the Canvas Shield overspray is allowed to dry on non-skid surfaces It can be scrubbed away with Boat Clean Plus and Boat Scrub. If you have your non-skid surfaces protected with Sure Step., you can touch up those areas with a bit of Sure Step.

Obviously, the answer is to rinse off the adjacent surfaces as soon as you are finished cleaning with Fabri-Klean or wipe down the surrounding areas after spraying on the Canvas Shield.That way there is no additional effort required on your part. At any rate; no permanent damage will occur to any surrounding surfaces on your boat.

Thanks for your question.

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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