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New Pontoon Protection Plan Intro at Avalon / Tahoe Dealer Show


Pontoon Protection Plan

Aurora Marine Industries will be introducing their new PLATINUM Pontoon Protection Plan at the 2018 Avalon & Tahoe Dealer meeting, July 29 to 31, 2018. The Protection Plan is modeled after very successful automotive programs to maximize profits for the Dealership, build customer loyalty and generate additional revenue through the Service Department.

The biggest single complaint that pontoon boat owners have about their boats is the maintenance of the pontoons. It doesn’t matter how little or how much they pay for their new boat, it still represents a substantial investment for them, and we all know what the pontoons are going to look like at the end of the season or even after a few weeks in the water, and what will happen to their investment.

Platinum Pontoon Protection Plan
Streaky Pontoon

Pontoon Protection Plan
Clean Pontoon

Pontoon Protection Plan
Now You Too Can Offer Your Customers Protection Against Environmental Damage To Their Pontoons and Fatten Your Bottom Line.

The PLATINUM Pontoon Protection Plan is an Easy Upsell

Customers Get:

  • Pontoons that stay shiny, new and easy to maintain for 5 Years or more.
  • Up to 5 Years Warranty on the finish of their pontoons.
  • Reasonable cost that can be added to their finance contract so the monthly cost is small.
  • Added value that can easily be recouped at trade in time.
  • Convenience, Security and Peace of Mind that their Authorized Dealer will look after their boat for the next 5 Years.
  • Greater Pride of Ownership.
Dealers Get:

  • Turn Key Package. Everything you need to start making sales from day one. Product, Special Tools, Technical Knowledge and Continuing Tech Support, POP Package, Advertising, Point of Sale Brochures, On-Line Sales Contract and Registration App.
  • Incentive pricing during the show.
  • Recoup your investment and make a profit in the 1st two sales. The rest is all profit.
  • Easy to Apply. No special or skilled labor required.
  • Healthy Profit Margin.
  • Customer Loyalty. Customer returns for annual service for the next 5 Years.
  • Low risk. Products are Proven and Guaranteed.
  • Competitive Advantage. Sell more boats. Be the 1st to offer a 5 Year Warranty on the finish of the pontoons.
  • Customer Satisfaction. Customers will support your Dealership, provide Referrals and return to Trade Up to a New Boat.
  • Well maintained, certified trade-in boats are easier to resell and generate higher profits than those requiring restoration.


Be sure to visit the Aurora Marine booth at the 2018 Avalon & Tahoe Pontoon Dealer Show

  • Get all the details
  • Sign up for the program
  • Start making more money with every pontoon boat you sell
  • Be sure to say Hi! to Captain Aurora. His popular “Ask the Skipper” blog has over 2.8 Million views. He can answer any questions you have about boat maintenance.
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