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The Best Non-Skid Deck Cleaner Also Removes Oxidation, Stains, Scuffs & More


boat scrub

Aurora Boat Scrub is quickly becoming the first cleaner of choice by fiberglass boat owners. This heavy duty, versatile cleaner works when no other cleaner will and yet it’s gentle on fiberglass. It’s environmentally friendly which means you can safely clean your boat on the water without harming the environment. It’s easy to use. The only items you need, to get professional results, are rags, sponges or a deck brush. Boat Scrub is performance proven and comes with a 100% Guarantee. If it doesn’t do what the manufacturer claims, you get your money back.

Aurora Boat Scrub deoxidizes fiberglass, restores faded color and removes scuff marks and stains that other cleaners can’t touch, even rust stains, without cutting into the sound gelcoat like rubbing compounds do, or softening the surface like some harsh chemicals will. The secret is Aurora Marine’s discovery, HYPEXINE. Hypexine reacts with oxidized fiberglass and metal (i.e. rust) and separates it from the solid surface so it can be removed. It penetrates into the pores of the gelcoat to deep clean and pull out difficult stains, even most yellowing. It also helps pull color to the surface and brightens white gelcoat to restore the faded beauty of your boat.

It’s ideal for deep cleaning hulls and decks prior to applying polish. The best way to do this is to apply it to a damp sponge, rub the surface until it’s smooth and clean, taking care to remove all stains and scuffs and rinse off with a hose. When dry, apply your favorite polish or wax. To help get that new boat look again, Boat Scrub contains a fine polishing agent. This pre polishes the surface making the application of polish or wax easier and faster. Boat Scrub is a pure cleaner, without waxes or silicones. This allows it to deep clean without grinding in surface dirt, pollutants or old wax. It’s perfect for cleaning non skid decks because it gets out ground in dirt without leaving behind a slippery surface and it’s so gentle that it can be used for regular maintenance. Boat owners that have tried the product claim that it’s the best and easiest to use non skid deck cleaner, that they have found. Cleaning non skids is quick and easy. First wet the deck with water, squeeze a little Boat Scrub onto the surface, give it a quick scrub with a deck brush and rinse clean. The ideal time to do this is while you’re washing your boat.

Removing rust from stainless steel or chrome is simply a matter of applying a bit of Boat Scrub on a dry cloth and rubbing away the rust. It can also be used to polish un-anodized aluminum to a bright chrome finish.

It’s excellent for cleaning dirty fenders, rub rails, life lines and rubber or vinyl dorade vent hoods. It’s so easy to use that you’ll take pride in restoring rather than replacing these items. Instead of putting off these cleaning jobs, you’ll look forward to keeping your boat in Bristol condition. A little Boat Scrub on a damp sponge is all you need to rub away the ground-in dirt and stains.

Aurora Boat Scrub replaces many other cleaners. This saves you money as well as space aboard your boat. It replaces rubbing compounds, color restorers, hull cleaners, metal polishes, stain removers, rust removers, fender cleaners, pre wax cleaners and non skid deck cleaners.

All Aurora Boat Care Products come with a no risk “Satisfaction Or Your Money Back” guarantee. Aurora Boat Scrub, the one in the bright yellow bottle, is available at better marine dealers throughout North America.