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Aurora Marine Industries Invents “SURE STEP” World’s First Polish For Non-Skid Deck



Aurora Sure Step is a non slippery polish for textured fiberglass. April 1, 1999, Toronto Canada. Aurora Marine Industries Inc. has just invented Aurora Sure Step. This is the first ever polish made exclusively for protecting and shining the non skid or textured surfaces of fiberglass boat decks, cockpits and swim platforms, without making them slippery.

Owners of fiberglass sail boats, power cruisers and fishing boats know that waxing these surfaces makes them dangerously slippery and as a result they remain unprotected. Sun, dirt, bird droppings, pollution, sneaker prints and the constant scrubbing to keep them clean take their toll. The non skid areas, even on new boats, soon become flat, dull and harder than ever to keep clean. The sun breaks down the gelcoat and scrubbing opens the pores, which traps and holds dirt.

Aurora Sure Step is easy to use. Just apply it with a sponge or brush and when it dries wipe or brush the haze away. The result, a luxurious, hard, shine. In addition to the beautiful shine, Sure Step seals the surface against dirt penetration and saves your boat from UV degradation and chalking. No more scrubbing. Just wash your non skid areas with the rest of the boat. They will be just as clean and shiny as the rest of your boat, only not slippery. Sneaker prints just hose off.

Skid-X is the remarkable new polymer that Aurora uses in Sure Step to prevent the treated surfaces from becoming slippery. The way it works is interesting. It’s not tacky or gooey and won’t hold dirt. When you run your hand lightly over the surface, it feels slippery like the polished, smooth areas of your boat. Dirt and dust slide or blow right off. When you stand on it with deck shoes or bare feet, you will have as much grip as when the boat was new. You won’t slip. When the treated surfaces become wet, traction increases. The polymer reacts to weight or pressure. The greater the weight or pressure the greater the traction. The manufacturer cautions, however, not to walk on these surfaces with stocking feet ( a no – no anyway ). Sure Step is not designed for smooth surfaces.

Salt water boaters will love how easy it is to rinse away the salt. All Aurora Boat Care Products come with a no risk “Satisfaction Or Your Money Back” guarantee. Aurora Sure Step will be available at marine stores throughout North America early in 1999.