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Aurora Invents Cure For The Dingy Dinghy


inflatable boat maintenance kit

Why do Inflatable Boats look so beat up and old so soon after you put them in the water. Why are they so hard to clean and maintain. Aurora Marine Industries Inc. has two new products, Speed Clean and Poly Guard, that they claim will make all of this a thing of the past.

Speed Clean, with Hypexine is such an effective cleaner that you can literally rub out impossible stains and scuff marks with your fingertips, although the manufacture recommends using a sponge or brush for the job. It will also remove the oxidation that makes your boat look faded, old and tired and can be used for cleaning and polishing the fiberglass on RIBS. Poly Guard is an easy to apply polish that is not greasy or slippery and puts a luxurious soft glow on the Inflatable fabric that is super easy to keep clean and shiny. In addition to restoring the faded beauty of older boats it will even improve the appearance of brand new boats.

Although Aurora Speed Clean is extremely aggressive at removing dirt, stains, scuff marks, oxidation, bird droppings, rust and diesel stain and more, it’s Biodegradable and completely safe to use on all materials found on Inflatable Boats. Because it is free of bleach and hydrocarbon solvents, it will not attack Hypalon, PVC, fiberglass or the adhesive that holds it all together. There is nothing in this cleaner that will impair patchability and it can even be used to strip the surface in preparation for patching or attachment of accessories. It is also effective at removing rust from metal and cleaning non-skid floors.

Aurora Poly Guard is made from space age polymers. There are no silicones, waxes or oils to make the surface slippery, greasy, attack the fabrics or adhesive, or impair patchability. You won’t slide around when sitting on the tubes and it won’t stain your clothes, yet water beads on the surface. It contains UV inhibitors to protect against sun damage and oxidation and makes the boat very easy to keep clean. Dirt and bird poop just rinse off with water. Two coats of Poly Guard will keep your boat protected and shiny for up to 6 months.

Now old boats can be made to look new again and new boats can retain its beauty longer with a minimum of effort.

You no longer have to be embarrassed by towing a dingy dinghy behind your beautiful yacht. Speed Clean and Poly Guard are now the preferred products by many repair and service shops and are endorsed and recommended by manufacturers. Manufacturers know that if their boats keep their good looks longer, they will be the brand that consumers will buy.

All Aurora Boat Care Products come with a no risk “Satisfaction Or Your Money Back” guarantee. Aurora Boat Care Products are available at better marine dealers throughout North America.