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Aurora High Performance VS721 Helps Freedom Offshore Racing Win APBA/UIC World & National Championships



The world of professional offshore racing is a tough environment, putting intense demands on equipment, teams and products. The Factory Classes within professional offshore racing are powerboat racing’s equivalent to the “NASCAR” concept in auto racing. Production type hulls, motors, and out-drives, couples with stringent technical rules, provide close competition and parody between competitors. Most boats within the Factory class run within one mile per hour or so of each other, providing exciting racing for fans and spectators alike.


Our team has been using “Aurora Boat Care Products” during this year’s racing campaign to give us the performance advantage plus professional appearance and look we desire. We have been very pleased with the results from all the different products we have used on our Freedom Offshore Racing machine.


Going into last week’ s World Championship we, as well as 15 top Factory I racing teams from around the country, had an equal opportunity to win the APBA World and National Championships. Each team going into the race series, including Freedom Offshore Racing, was focusing on all the little things necessary to bring a championship home. During our preparation, we applied “Aurora VS721 Bottom Coat” to the Freedom Offshore Racing hull. In our routine testing prior to the application of “VS721”, we recorder speed, balance and acceleration data. After applying “VS721” in the accordance of manufacturer’s instructions, we conducted another testing session under similar conditions and recorded the data. The increase in speed, handling and acceleration after the application of “VS721” was significant. I believe this product gave us an added edge as we went into Wednesday’s opening race. During the race, we accelerated quickly to the up-front position and led the entire race. Saturday’s second and final race put us in a top points position, bringing the APBA World and National Championship to Freedom Offshore Racing. I can’ t thank you enough for making such an outstanding product that has made a difference in the performance of our boat and ultimately assisted us in being crowned the best and fastest F1 boat in the world.


Captain Peter H. Doerner
Owner and Throttleman
Freedom Offshore Racing, Inc. F1-I
1999 APBA/UIM World & National Champions