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Are Boaters SAFE from COVID-19??


Are Boaters SAFE from COVID-19??

As fear of the Corona Virus grips North America, many of us are re-evaluating our travel and recreation plans for the coming summer. One bright spot in all of this doom and gloom is that boating remains as one of the safest forms of recreation. Viruses can’t travel on the water.

Once on our boats, we’re pretty much isolated from contact with others that may be carriers of the virus. Of course we must still be vigilant about keeping our boats clean and when commuting to and from our boats, but once on board we can relax and enjoy life, if only for a while.

Those of us fortunate enough to be boat owners can enjoy a day, weekend or even several weeks with our family and friends in relative safety, compared to attending a sporting event, concert, dining at our favorite restaurant or mingling with people in a crowd. Whether fishing, sailing, enjoying water sports, cruising, or just sitting at anchor watching the sun go down, the likelihood of contracting anything more than smiles is quite remote. If only we could live on our boats, out on the water, until this all passes.

At the Aurora Marine factory and offices, we are being as vigilant as possible. We encourage our staff to wash their hands frequently, stay at home if they are sick, maintain as much distance from other as possible and avoid crowds when not at work. However, in order to continue manufacturing our products and getting them to our customers, we must be in contact with suppliers and service people on a daily basis. We have no control over where they have traveled, who they have been in contact with or how they conduct and protect themselves, which makes us more vulnerable.

We hope and pray that we’ll be spared, as does everyone else, but we must prepare in the unfortunate event that someone in our company becomes infected. Should that happen, it will require closing the company and putting all employees in quarantine until it’s safe for them to return to work and re-open the factory, in which case all shipment to our customers will be suspended.

If you’re going to need Aurora Boat Care Products to get your boat ready for the coming season, we strongly urge you to order them now, so that you won’t be disappointed if the worst should happen.

Of course, we’ll give you as much warning as possible, in the event of a shutdown or delay in getting your order to you, but this may not be possible as we now live in uncertain times.

We thank you for your business in the past and look forward to continue serving you in the future.

Safe and happy boating,

Richard Kittar
President and CEO
Aurora Marine Industries Inc.