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Prime Distributorship Territories are still available to the right company or individual that shares our vision of being the supplier of the best marine maintenance products in the world.

We are looking for partners that have the capacity to import, warehouse, market and sell our products throughout their territory and to make it the dominant brand. We believe in a Win, Win philosophy where everyone profits: The end consumer gets amazing appearance and protection for their baoting investment, thereby enhancing its value and their pride of ownership. The Dealer or Boat Yard profits by building a loyal, repeat customer base and making money. The Distributor profits by building a long lasting, loyal customer base that re-orders on a regular basis, thereby ensuring a constant stream of money. Aurora profits by selling more product to friends that love our products.

Aurora Boat Care Products are considered amongst the best in the World. Boat owners love the results they get with Aurora as evidenced by the many thousands of testimonials that we get. The company does all of their own R&D and New Discoveries are constantly being added to the line. Many Aurora products are unique and have no competition, making it easy to build a loyal customer base. It's easy to get proven results. Even amateurs get professional results. Everyone wants easy to use products that save you time and labour. Professionals as well as DIY's regularly proclaim that Aurora makes miracle products. We not only Guarantee the products, we Guarantee the results with our famous 100% Customer Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee.

All of our products are Green. We believe in the health and safety of the consumer, the planet and the boat. They all comply with and exceed the most stringent consumer standards in the world.

If you see the opportunity to profit from a partnership with Aurora Marine, please complete and submit the form below and someone will be in touch with you.

Thank you for your interest in Aurora Boat Care Products.

Richard Kitter
Aurora Marine Industries Inc.


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