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Winter Work Opportunity for Marine Dealers

Many Marine Dealers have discovered an easy way to make money during the off season when their customers boats are in storage. Let’s face it, boat owner’s love every day they spend on the water. There are only so many weekends and vacation days that they can enjoy their boats during the summer before it’s all over. They know how much their boats cost them for every day of enjoyment and if their boats get tied up for maintenance or repair during their precious season, they see that as a huge loss.

Winter Work Opportunity for Marine Dealers

Most boat owners think of preventative maintenance as something you do when you need to, not in advance, making it a bit of a tough sell. Why pay for something before you have to?

Improvements and upgrades to their boats, on the other hand, are a whole other matter. Boat owners see their boats as an extension of their personality. Anything that can enhance the appearance or performance of their boat is welcomed. They look forward to the adoration of their friends will enjoy their boat more if it looks and runs great. They can justify the expenditure by knowing they will get their money back when they trade or sell their boat. Good looking, well maintained boats always bring a premium price.

Work during Winter

Since your customers don’t want to tie up their boats unnecessarily during the season, getting stuff like this done over the winter is a good idea and since you need more work for your service department and money for the business over the winter, this is a really good idea.

There are a number of improvement projects that can easily be sold to your customers. They are popular, affordable, easy to do and profitable. These improvements require annual service to maintain them so in addition to generating winter work for this year, you also generate a returning customer that will continue to spend money with you winter after winter.

Suggested Improvement Projects: No.101


Fiberglass gelcoat is porous. Areas on the deck, along the gunwales and the swimwinter work using sure step platform are often textured to provide a non-slip surface commonly called a non-skid surface. If the smooth parts of the deck are waxed, they become very slippery and dangerous to walk on, especially when wet. The non-skid areas are normally not waxed for safety reasons. As a result they are subject to degradation from UV, stains, dirt, bacteria and water penetration. The unprotected surface is also subject to a very high level of maintenance. Scrubbing with heavy duty cleansers and a deck brush is almost a daily ritual if the decks are to be kept pristine. This constant scrubbing dulls the finish, opens the pores wider and over time erodes the gelcoat making refinishing a necessity, which can be very expensive.

sure stepSealing the decks with Sure Step eliminates these problems and restores the original shine to the gelcoat, including the non-skid surfaces, adding value back to the boat. It eliminates the necessity of scrubbing the decks thereby reducing maintenance to rinsing, wiping or washing the decks with the rest of the boat. Since it’s not slippery, even when wet, it adds a degree of safety as well. Sure Step is recommended for new as well as older boats.

The labor rate for prepping or restoring Boat Clean Plusthe deck and applying Sure Step ranges between $70 and $125 per hour and the time required is usually between 3 and 8 hours, depending on the size of boat, the age and condition of the decks, if stains need to be removed first or if the deck needs restoration. Application is simple and professional results can be obtained even with unskilled labor. Sure Step is applied like a polish and the haze buffed to a shine. Preparation and restoration is with Boat Clean Plus and Boat Scrub. Two coats are required for seasonal protection and we recommend one coat over the winter and the second prior to launch. Thereafter thoroughly washing the deck in the fall and application of one coat prior to winter storage and a second in the spring prior to launch is all that is required.

In tropical areas where the boats are subjected to a greater amount of sunshine and the boats used all year long, reapplication may be required every 3 to 4 months.

It’s not unusual for trade in boats to bring $1,000 to $10,000 or more when the decks are sealed with Sure Step. The decks look new which tells the buyer that the boat was obviously well maintained and therefore worth more.


boat-scrub Boat Clean Plus Sure StepSAILORS love Sure Step. No more slipping when navigating the decks even when the decks are wet. Especially important to sailors that race. No more scrubbing. Bird poop just rinses off. Foot prints wipe off with a damp chamois. Decks look new again.

FISHERMEN love Sure Step. No more staining from fish blood. No more slipping when the decks are wet and you’re trying to land a fish. Decks clean up easily, usually with a garden hose and a mop with a bit of Boat Clean Plus.

CRUISERS love Sure Step. The beautiful shine looks like the decks were freshly painted. Easy to maintain and keep clean all weekend long or even all week long. Friends and guests don’t slip when walking on the deck, even in bare feet. No staining from beverage spills. Adds value to their yacht.

WAKEBOARDERS love Sure Step. Swim platforms are not slippery any more, even when the surface is wet. No more skinned shins. Easy to keep clean.

RIB OWNERS love Sure Step. Non-skid floors are always wet and always dirty from foot prints. Not any more. Just wipe clean with a damp chamois. The fiberglass shines like new.

CHARTER BOAT OPERATORS love Sure Step. Older boats look like the deck was freshly painted. Clean up of the deck and cockpit only takes minutes. The boat is ready for the next customer.

BOAT MANUFACTURERS love Sure Step. They recommend it to their customers because they know that the customer will have a better experience with their boat and believe that it is superior. They purchase these products from us to resolve warranty issues such as slippery non-skid decks, yellowing or staining or streaking from using inferior maintenance products.

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