Pump Out Station Program

Stop the Stinkies & Boost Profits & Customer

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  Easy Sales In Action

from The Secrets of Easy Sales

"Present exactly the right product at exactly the right time when your customer is highly motivated to make a purchase and you will make a sale!"


You Too Can Take Advantage of Easy Sales
  • Generate additional revenue without additional expense or effort
  • Increase your Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) level
  • Increase the Green Footprint of your Marina
  • Generate repeat sales all season long
  • A Sign on Your Dock Is All It Takes
The Two Sided Salesman


from The Secrets of Easy Sales

"When a customer has committed themselves to make a purchase, they are highly motivated to make additional related purchases."


How many Easy Sales are You Missing Out On?
  • It’s Easy to make sales when your customer is highly motivated to buy.
  • It’s Easy to make sales when you offer Exactly the Right Product at Exactly the Right Time.
  • It’s Easy to sell superior products with a no risk, 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • It’s Easy to make additional sales and generate additional profits with the AURORA Turnkey PUMP OUT STATION Profit Center.
  • A Sign On Your Dock Is All It Takes.

If Your Customers aren’t buying from you, Who are they buying from?
  • Your Customer has already committed to purchasing a pump out from you. Why aren’t you selling them Odor Free to stop their head from stinking?
  • Your Customer has already committed to purchase Fuel from you. They’re standing on the dock Looking at the dirty deck on their boat. Why aren’t you selling them Sure Step (and related products) to shine up the deck of their boat and reduce cleaning? Or better still; Why aren’t you giving them a quick quote to do it for them and generate additional revenue for your Service Department?
  • *Tip: Your dock attendants can be easily trained to do this work during the week when they’re not busy. This keeps trained service personnel free for other work. Ask Us about our How-To Video.
  • Your Customer is already spending $100’s on fuel. Why aren’t you selling them Kwik Shine so they can quickly and easily detail their boats. Remember: Results are Guaranteed.
  • Fuel Burps are inevitable. Why aren’t you cleaning them up the Green Way with Kwik Shine instead of flushing into the lake?
Watch How Easy it is to Generate Additional Revenue by Training Your Dock Attendants to Apply Sure Step, When They’re Not Busy.

Easy as 1,2,3,4

measuring boat deck
1. Measure the Deck.
measuring boat deck
2. Type in the Measurements to Generate a Quick Quote.
watch video
3. Schedule the job.
watch video
4. Process the Credit Card!
What are you Waiting For?
  • Call today and start making Easy Sales as early as tomorrow.
  • Ask about the promotionally priced Starter Package. Everything you need to make money from Day 1.
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Dock Sign
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Computerized Quote Form
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Ask your Aurora Rep for details and pricing on our Starter Package and How You Can Get a FREE Quote Sheet/Work Order*** App for your computer and a Poster for Your Store inviting customers to Ask for a Quote.

***Quote Sheet/Work Order is FLAT RATE,  Based on a labor rate of $110.00 per hour.

Yes, I would like more information and pricing on Your Pump Out Station & Gas Dock Revenue Generator Program.

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Or Telephone: 1-866-214-3444 between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm EST and ask for the sales department.

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