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Boat Owner Discovers How To Keep
His Zodiac Looking Brand New
After 3 years in the Tropics.

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  “I love Aurora Boat Care Products.
Here is a picture of my Zodiac. I love Aurora Boat Care Products. I used Speed Clean and Poly Guard last year, Speed Clean Poly Guard and Inflatable Boat Clean this year. I will continue to use your products. Thanks for all the great service and wonderful products. My boat looks great.”

Adam Finn,


Watch How to Restore Your RIB in less than 1 hour.

  This Free video will show you the basic process of how to clean/Restore inflatable rib boats with SPEED CLEAN and apply a durable UV Protectant / Polish POLY GUARD .
We’ll let the video of Our Demo  prove how well our SPEED CLEAN™ and POLY GUARD™ worked to restore the neglected inflatable rib.
Clear View After
Clear View After

Read What Our Customers Say

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  “Goin Fishin! Hard to believe this is a 4 yr old boat. It looks brand new. Here are some pictures of my SeaBright Inflatable. I just finished the cleaning and bottom protection and the UV protection. My wife and I bought the boat as a wedding present to the both our us and we’ve been enjoying it for the last four years. Aurora products were recommended to us by the seller SeaBright Marine Ltd in Nova Scotia and that’s all we will use.
We are now ready for some fun on the water.

Christopher Bice

“Poly Guard really is a great product! We used up the last of a bottle on an old 10 year old inflatable boat. It looked so good after we washed it with your Speed Clean & Poly Guard that I got top dollar for it. attached is the photos. bought new dinghy, Will coat this new dinghy with poly guard.”

Maury Bonas


Restoration of 1994 Quicksilver

Dirty, Sticky, Chalky PVC
Quickly Strip Away Dirt,
Diesel, Oxidation,
Insect Marks & Scuffs
Applying 2 Coats of
Poly Guard to
Add a Protective Shine
Restored to
Better Than New!


private branding

Our Most Popular Kit with Your Name, Logo and Website on the band.

Kit Contains:  
Speed Clean
Cleaner / Restorer: Removes chalking, stains, dirt, grime. Restores color, texture and shine to the tube. Won’t attack fabric or adhesive. Environment Friendly.
Poly Guard
Long life UV Protector. Won’t wash off with water. Not greasy or slippery. Protects against chalking, scuffing, brown stickies, color fade, lasts 4 to 6 months. Water based. Won’t attack fabric, adhesive or seams. Low VOC’s, Environment Friendly.
Think of the benefits:
  • Promote your company with high quality product that reflects positively on your company.
  • A very practical, yet low cost, “Thank You for Your Business” Gift that will really be appreciated by your customers and keep them loyal. Use as an incentive to sell more boats.
  • Use in your service department to refurbish used boats for higher resale value.
  • SPEED CLEAN™ and POLY GUARD™ are acknowledged as the best products available for Cleaning, Restoring and Protecting Inflatable Boats and RIB’s. Don’t your customers deserve the best?

Smart as Science, Easy as Magic Environment Safe Boat Care Products That WORK! eco friendly

Yes, I would like more information and pricing on INFLATABLE BOAT MAINTENANCE KIT and other specialty products for cleaning, restoring, protecting and antifouling inflatable boats.

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