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Ask your Local Dealer
To Bring In the Aurora Boat Care Products That You Want For Your Boat.

If your local Marine Dealer doesn't stock the Aurora Boat Care Products that you're looking for, ask if they will bring them in for you. If you're not a DIY but still want The Best Care Your Boat Can Get, ask the Service Manager to use Aurora Boat Care Products when they detail your boat.

Better Marine Dealers and Boat Detailers will bend over backwards to service and please their customers. You're the reason that they're in business. If there's something that you would like, don't be afraid to ask. Most of the time, they have to guess what to stock and use in their stores and service department. It's a big help if they know what you want.

There are thousands of different products for pleasure boats and your dealer can't stock them all, but if you tell him that you would like to buy particular Aurora products from him and especially if he gets more than one request he will bring them in for you. So, ask your dealer and tell your friends to ask as well. That way the products that you want will be conveniently available for you the next time you need something.

In the meanwhile, you can still order on-line in the Buy Online section and we will deliver your order right to your door in a few days.