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Please be Patient.


Please be Patient.   Dear Boat Owner,   The Covid-19 virus pandemic is upon us. We’re asking for your understanding and patience during these trying times. Many people are staying home, physical distancing, or working from home to stay safe, and many are taking this alone time to work on their boats and get them Read More…

How to remove old wax and dried on haze from Premium Boat Shine


Ron Frerker asked: Do you have a product that will remove all old wax off the hull? That includes wax which might not have been buffed out correctly? The products would be Aurora products like Boat Shine and etc. Answer: For your convenience, I’ve highlighted the hyperlinks. Click on the hyperlink to get more information Read More…

Are Boaters SAFE from COVID-19??


Are Boaters SAFE from COVID-19?? As fear of the Corona Virus grips North America, many of us are re-evaluating our travel and recreation plans for the coming summer. One bright spot in all of this doom and gloom is that boating remains as one of the safest forms of recreation. Viruses can’t travel on the Read More…

No Zebra Mussels

How to Prevent Zebra Mussels from Attaching to an Aluminum Boat


Steven J Pidek Asked:   I have a 17′ aluminum boat that sits in a slip. The bottom of the boat is not painted it’s bare aluminum how do I keep zebra mussels from attaching to my aluminum boat. And what products should I use? What should I use on my outboard motor for zebra Read More…

Preventing Rust on Chrome


TERRY HUTCHINSON asked: is Stainless Shield ok for Chrome? if not, do you have a product for rust spot prevention on chrome? Answer: For your convenience, I’ve highlighted the hyperlinks. Click on the hyperlink to get more information about the selected product. Both Quick Silver and Stainless Shield work wonderfully on chrome. The protective shiny, Read More…

How to Protect New Vinyl Seating


Doug asked: Hi, I just had the exterior upholstery replaced on my boat and haven’t reinstalled the newly covered pieces yet. Since it is brand new what are your recommendations to protect it initially and for future care/maintenance? Answer: For your convenience, I’ve highlighted the hyperlinks. Click on the hyperlink to get more information about Read More…

Cleaning your Buffing Wheel


Question: Richard Asked: I just used Sure Step to protect my non-skid. How do I clean the Buffing Wheel? Answer: For your convenience, I’ve highlighted the hyperlinks. Click on the hyperlink to get more information about the selected product. The best way is to operate the Buffing Wheel on the drill and scrape the working Read More…

Will additional coatings of Poly Guard give my inflatable better protection?


Stanley Galper asked: Will extra coatings of Polyguard on my Hypalon inflatable give better protection than the recommended two coatings? Answer: For your convenience, I’ve highlighted the hyperlinks. Click on the hyperlink to get more information about the selected product. You’re better off applying Poly Guard more often than to apply it thicker. Inflatable boats Read More…

Quick Silver is by far the best cleaning product for Stainless Steel…


Quick Silver is by far the best cleaning product for stainless steel that I have ever come across. See some before and after photos of a tea stained awning at one of our jobs at Miami. Myself and our client are blown away with the results. Quick Silver product will be a must include in Read More…

Quick Silver After

Will run off from Canvas Shield and Fabri-Klean damage my boat?


Kenneth A Kosar asked: Does your canvas/fabric cleaner and protector damage isnglass or does the runoff damage the boat shine product on the fiberglass. Answer: For your convenience, I’ve highlighted the hyperlinks. Click on the hyperlink to get more information about the selected product. Fabri-Klean canvas cleaner is a free rinsing, water based product. Any Read More…

Can I Use a Sander instead of Linear Buffer?


Ryan Overbey asked: I am very interested in the ALUMABUFF product. However, how necessary is the Linear Buffer? I already have an inline air powered sander, to keep from having to buy more stuff…..would my linear (in-line) sander work (Its a Ingersoll Rand 315G Edge Series Straight Line Air Sander)? If so, what else do Read More…

Protecting Non-Skid Decks in Salt Water Environment


Patrick DeLuca Asked: Will SURE STEP work in a salt water environment?   Visit “Ask the Skipper – The Skippers Blog” to read the skippers answer to the “Question of the Week”.

Is VS721 compatible with polyethylene hulls?


Jeff tkacs asked: Is VS721 compatible with a new West Marine Water tender polyethylene hull? Most anti fouling paints are not compatible with this plastic hull?        

The Fast and Easy way to Clean Algae Off Your Boat in Minutes.


The Fast and Easy way to Clean Algae Off Your Boat in Minutes. Imagine: Getting the job of cleaning Algae off a boat that had not been cleaned in over 5 years. Imagine: Cleaning stubborn Algae off a fiberglass boat bottom without using acid. That’s the challenge that Green Genie had to face. Watch the Read More…

Why do people say that about Clear View?


We just returned from the BVI where we used your Clear View to clean & restore the dodger on our Jeanneau 44i. What an amazing improvement!!! People were telling us, “that’s just the way they get with age”. Something was spilled on the side triangle windows; they look better now but need more work. However, Read More…

clear view video

Why are people using this boat product on their patio furniture, tents and camping gear?


The secret is Drykon. This revolutionary new nano polymer is environment friendly, PFOA and PFOS free, non-carcinogenic and used exclusively in Canvas Shield. Boat owners use it to water proof and stain proof their expensive Sunbrella and canvas covers and tops. It’s been proven to be so effective that now home owners and campers have Read More…

Will Stainless Shield work on Chrome?


Terry Hutchinson asked: Is Stainless Shield ok for Chrome? if not, do you have a product for rust spot prevention on chrome? Find out the Skipper’s answer

Sea Ray after Green Genie

Sea Ray after Green Genie


I’m stunned and amazed on how great Green Genie works! I will be a customer for life at Aurora marine. Your products are amazing. Here are a couple of before and after photos of my boat… Read More

How to protect and shine a brand new RIB


Richard Serman Asked: Richard Sherman here hope everything is going well for you, thanks again for spending time with us and teaching us about the Aurora products. I’m going to be applying a few Aurora products to an AB VST24 Inflatable… The Skipper’s Answer

recommendation for anti blistering/fouling protect


Chris Larocque asked: Hi: I live in Ontario Canada, and dock my boat for the season in a very dirty creek that has high amounts of organic material, and not only stains the hull, but builds up algae and related material. I am looking for a product that will protect my boat… The Skipper’s Answer

Can Canvas Shield be used on cotton as well as acrylic canvas? and What is the coverage of Fabri-Klean and Canvas Shield?


Richard Kittel asked: Is Canvas Shield good for both cotton canvas and acrylic canvas? Also how much coverage for Canvas Wash and Canvas Shield? The Skipper’s Answer

How to prevent heavy algae from attaching to painted aluminum boat


Don Kaiser asked: I have a brand new bass tracker 175 (last year). We leave it in a slip all year and it got so much algae we had to pull it out twice to powerwash because it wouldn’t even get up on plane. Will your product work on an aluminum painted boat… The Skipper’s Read More…

How to protect Outboards and transducers from Barnacles?


Frank Montressor asked: How do I remove barnacles from my outboard and transducers and how do I keep them off? Here is the picture of my new Yamaha 150 that’s on my boat which stays in Tampa FL salt/brackish Hillsborough river… The Skipper’s Answer

Will Algex harm Alumetron


Jim Ireland asked: If I put alumetron on my pontoons this spring will washing them with algex next fall take the alumetron off? The Skipper’s Answer

Will Clear View remove streaks on isinglass that nothing else will touch?


Leonard Buchanan asked: I am interested in your product, but like many others, I see videos of almost ‘miraculous’ restoration of clear vinyl enclosures. I have watched your video, but it is hard to tell whether it is just dirt or what is causing the cloudiness… The Skipper’s Answer

What is shelf life of product?


Ray Pasciuto asked: Hi how log do you expect your products to last in a sealed bottle vs721, speed clean, vinyl and poly guard, Bottom spray… The Skipper’s Answer

VS721 1st Time Application


Jim Corrigan asked: I’m about to apply VS 721 for the first time. I just bought a 2005 Cobalt 255 that I’ve been told has never had any wax, paint or had any other product applied before. I’ve been told it was mostly lift kept, but in the fall it was professionally cleaned each year Read More…

New Pontoon Protection Plan Intro at Avalon / Tahoe Dealer Show


…       PLATINUM Pontoon Protection Plan   Aurora Marine Industries will be introducing their new PLATINUM Pontoon Protection Plan at the 2018 Avalon & Tahoe Dealer meeting, July 29 to 31, 2018. The Protection Plan is modeled after very successful automotive programs to maximize profits for the Dealership, build customer loyalty and generate Read More…

Having serious problems with my pontoons


I’m having some serious issues with getting my pontoons to looking good again. My boat is less than a year old, and spent the entire summer in a wet slip. Of course it had a ton of marine growth on it as well as a pretty dark water line stain… The Skipper’s Answer

How can I protect my new pontoons against staining and corrosion?


How can I protect my new pontoons against staining and corrosion? The Skipper’s Answer

What Causes Clear Vinyl Boat Windows (Isinglass) to Yellow?


Yellowed PVC boat windows is a common malady inflicted on boat owners all over the world, so out of curiosity, I asked our Senior Chemist. A glint appeared in his eye and an almost evil smile crossed his lips as he began talking to me in a language that was completely unintelligible (I’m not a Read More…

How to remove black mold from white PVC inflatable tubes?


Steve Shockley asked: Which cleaner is best for getting the black mildew/mold off of white PVC inflatable tubes? The Skipper’s Answer

How often should I apply Canvas Shield to keep my top dry?


Adam Almas asked: I love your Canvas Shield. It’s the first time in 3 years that the top hasn’t leaked on my SeaRay. I tried 3 other products and nothing worked like your Canvas Shield product. I used your FabriKlean to clean the mold from the camper top. That stuff is amazing. Then I sprayed Read More…

How to prep Fiberglass Boat Bottom and apply VS721?


I have a 22′ deck boat. I would like to try VS721 bottom coat on it. My question is how much do I need to purchase and the same for anything else I need to prep for it? From what I’ve read, I should also get Boat scrub. Is there anything else needed to make Read More…

How much Sure Step for a Macgregor 26


I wish to restore top gelcoate and cockpit of my Macgregor 26x the kit will cover How much ? The Skipper’s Answer: https://goo.gl/wK4Ce4

So, What's a PFOA and What's the Big Deal Article

As Seen in Great Lakes Scuttlebutt


As Seen in Great Lake Scuttlebutt

So, What’s a PFOA?

And What’s The Big Deal?


So, What’s a PFOA? No, it’s not a new form of algae or a strange bug. PFOA is the acronym for Perflurooctanoic Acid, C8HF15O2, which is a chemical used in the production of PTFE, Teflon™, for water proofing canvas and other outdoor fabrics. As the PTFE material breaks down, it releases PFOA into the atmosphere. Read More…



New Invention. Waterproof Boat Canvas. Coming Soon


Coming Soon: Canvas Shield – Fabric Guard.   Watch Free Video Sign Up for Early Notification: https://www.auroramarine.com/canvas-shield-contact  

Coming Soon: Canvas Shield – Fabric Guard


Coming Soon: Canvas Shield – Fabric Guard.   Waterproofs Marine Fabrics New Nanoized Polymer Technology: Penetrates deeper into fabric, Lasts Longer, Better Protection, Fabrics Remain Breathable, Flexible & Retain Original Color Protects Against: Rain, Stain, Soil, Mold, UV, Color Fade Use On: Tops, Covers, Seats, T Tops, Sail Covers, Bimini’s, Dodgers, Awnings, Carpet, Convertible Tops Read More…



CLEAR VIEW, APRIL 2017, SY SEQUOIA, British Virgin Islands


CLEAR VIEW, APRIL 2017, SY SEQUOIA, British Virgin Islands Before After   Before After     We just returned from the BVI where we used your Clear View to clean & restore the dodger on our Jeanneau 44i. What an amazing improvement!!! People were telling us, “that’s just the way they get with age”. Something Read More…

Compounding – what is the proper buffing speed?


Kurt asked: When compounding, what speed (RPM) should the on the electric buffer? Answer: When using EZ Buff and EZ Buff Extender, a rotary buffer and wool pad to compound your boat, a good speed to start with is 1,500 RPM. You may wish to increase or decrease the speed by 100 to 200 RPM Read More…

Ask The Skipper

Skipper’s Blog


Hi all, Sorry, I haven’t posted in months. Since the introduction of our new products, we have just been slammed. The ask the skipper blog has kept me so busy that I haven’t been able to post all the responses, however, I’ve tried to respond personally, to as many inquires as possible. Eventually I’ll get Read More…



Louisville, KY – September 15-17, 2015 – Aurora Marine Industries Inc. will participate as an exhibitor at the International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition & Conference (IBEX) taking place at the

5 Year Alumetron Warranty Sticker

amanda aurora marine

Ox-Bo Marine Wins at Avalon-Tahoe Dealer Show


Ox-Bo Marine from Juneau WI won the Aurora Marine Pontoon Dealer Starter Package, valued at over $1,600, at the annual Avalon-Tahoe Dealer Show. Dealers that placed their orders for the Starter Package at the show were automatically entered in the draw. Amanda drew the winning order at the end of the show. The package consists Read More…

New Aurora Marine Developments


This has been the busiest spring that I can remember in a long time. Most boats are already in the water and 2015 promises to be a great year for boating. Some new developments that I’m super excited


Odor Free Storage Treatment

Stop Stinky Boat Syndrome – New Odor Free Storage Treatment!


…smelling up your boat in the spring. Guaranteed! All Boats in storage with a Head, (Marine Sanitation System) are susceptible to Stinky Boat Syndrome. You know, when you open up your boat in the spring, after it’s long winter hibernation, the first thing you’re greeted with is a horrible odor. You swear that an animal Read More…

Smart as Science, Easy as Magic it’s what we do!


People constantly ask about how and when Aurora Marine Industries Inc. got started. Like many things, boats have changed over the years. Wooden boats are now fiberglass or aluminum, inboards are now outboards or stern drives or jets or pod drives, hull designs have changed. Boats are far more efficient and luxurious. When the technology Read More…

Smart as Science. Easy as Magic.

waterline stain remover

Get the Waterline Stain Out Before Its’ Too Late


OK! So you’ve hauled your boat, pressure washed the bottom and Boat Scrubbed the hull until it gleams. It looks great, except for that four inch greenish, brown stain along the waterline. You’ve tried every cleaner you have, even rubbing compound, and still the stain remains. So what are your options? You can ignore the Read More…

Cleaning Oil, Grease and Rust from Inboard Engine


Anthony Gulotta asked: Do you have a product for cleaning inboard engines from oil, grease and rust? Answer: For your convenience, I’ve highlighted the hyperlinks. Click on the hyperlink to get more information about the selected product. You can use Bilge Bath with a paint brush to remove the grease and oil and rinse with Read More…

Removing Fogging from Isinglass and portlights


Paul Delfino asked: My boat is only 3 years old and already the Isinglass curtains are starting to turn a foggy yellowish color, which is making it hard to see through. I also noticed the same thing happening to the plastic portlights… The Skipper’s Answer

Aurora High Performance VS721 Helps Freedom Offshore Racing Win APBA/UIC World & National Championships


The world of professional offshore racing is a tough environment, putting intense demands on equipment, teams and products. The Factory Classes within professional offshore racing are powerboat racing’s equivalent to the “NASCAR” concept in auto racing. Production type hulls, motors, and out-drives, couples with stringent technical rules, provide close competition and parody between competitors. Most Read More…

aurora vs721 world champions

Sure Step- Polish for Non-Skid Deck

Aurora Marine Industries Invents “SURE STEP” World’s First Polish For Non-Skid Deck


Aurora Sure Step is a non slippery polish for textured fiberglass. April 1, 1999, Toronto Canada. Aurora Marine Industries Inc. has just invented Aurora Sure Step. This is the first ever polish made exclusively for protecting and shining the non skid or textured surfaces of fiberglass boat decks, cockpits and swim platforms, without making them Read More…

Aurora Invents Cure For The Dingy Dinghy


Why do Inflatable Boats look so beat up and old so soon after you put them in the water. Why are they so hard to clean and maintain. Aurora Marine Industries Inc. has two new products, Speed Clean and Poly Guard, that they claim will make all of this a thing of the past. Speed Read More…

inflatable boat maintenance kit

boat scrub

The Best Non-Skid Deck Cleaner Also Removes Oxidation, Stains, Scuffs & More


Aurora Boat Scrub is quickly becoming the first cleaner of choice by fiberglass boat owners. This heavy duty, versatile cleaner works when no other cleaner will and yet it’s gentle on fiberglass. It’s environmentally friendly which means you can safely clean your boat on the water without harming the environment. It’s easy to use. The Read More…

Remarkable New Polymer Converts Salt Water Spots Into A Boat Polish!


A recent discovery at Aurora Marine Industries has resulted in a remarkable new product called Kwik Shine, that quickly cleans, polishes and protects in one easy application. One of the features that make this product amazing is its ability to dissolve salt water spots on contact and convert the calcium chloride into a cleaner, in Read More…

kwik shine

effects of carnauba wax

Carnauba Wax Can Yellow Your Boat


AURORA CLEAR VIEW has a new look. This proven performer has always been easy for dealers to sell because the kit is blister packed on a four color, peg board display, backer card that shows the remarkable before and after results. The new packaging keeps the popular blister and backer card, but now the two Read More…

New Polymer Protects Boat Hulls Against Barnacles, Zebra Mussels, Algae & Osmosis Blisters


Toronto, Canada. Aurora Marine Industries has just introduced a High Performance Bottom Wax, containing a super slippery polymer, VS721. By employing the latest polymer technology Aurora Marine has created a hard surfaced, high gloss, perfectly clear fouling barrier coating for boat hulls, that is so slippery it’s difficult for anything to stick to it. It Read More…

applying vs721 bottom coat

aurora marine racing history

Racing History Made With the Help of Aurora Boat Care Products


At the 1998 Suncoast Offshore Grand Prix Races in Sarasota on July 4th, the Team Hustler Factory II class boat was forced out of the race due to a mechanical failure. Mike and Chip were very disappointed, not only because they couldn’t race, but also because they had applied the new Aurora VS721 on their Read More…

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