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The Once A Year Boat Polish, Aurora Premium Boat Shine with VS721


Premium Boat Shine

Aurora Marine Industries has changed the formula of their synthetic boat polish and changed the name to Premium to indicate the improved performance. This new boat polish gives you a diamond hard finish that is so durable that two coats on the hull is all you need to keep your boat protected and shiny all year long.

Aurora has added VS721 to their new boat polish. This is their proprietary super slippery polymer that seals the gelcoat against water penetration and adds the durability factor. There is no Carnauba wax in Aurora’s Premium Boat Shine, which can cause yellowing and make the surface a greasy dirt magnet when warmed and melted by the sun. Instead all of the ingredients are synthetic, which gives it its long life.

Premium Boat Shine uses new self-polishing technology, which makes it very easy to use. Simply apply it with a sponge, wait for it to dry and wipe away the haze. No buffing or rubbing. No heavy buffing machines. The result is a mirror finish in a fraction of the time and with much less effort. The technology does all the work, but your neighbors will think that you have been buffing your boat all day to get such a great shine. Once the polish is applied, the solvents flash off and the polymers begin to react and cross link to each other and your boat. The process takes about 24 hours and reached its greatest durability in 14 days.

This new polish contains UV protection to resist chalking from the sun and its hard, anti-static finish repels dust and dirt and makes the hull much easier to keep clean. Soot wipes off with a sponge and little Boat Clean Plus, salt spots fall off when sprayed with a garden hose and black streaks have a hard time attaching. It can be used on the deck as well as the hull and is great for protecting stainless steel and aluminum.

If you want a great shine on your boat with a minimum of effort and long life protection give this polish a try. Like all Aurora Boat Care Products, it is sold with a 100% Customer Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee. If it doesn’t perform as they say, you get your money back. You have nothing to loose and your boat has a lot to gain. Suggested list price is $18.99, but dealers may sell for less.