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Waterproofing and Cleaning Pontoon Boat Cover


Cleaning and Waterproofing my Pontoon Boat Cover


cleaning-pontoon-boat-cover after-cleaning-pontoon-boat-cover after-cleaning-pontoon-boat-cover

Waterproofing and Cleaning Pontoon Boat Cover

Regarding your Fabri-Klean and Canvas Shield. Washed the cockpit cover approx (10’X 20′) on the asphalt driveway with great results. This is the first time the cover has been washed since it was new in 2012. The cover doesn’t lie as flat as one would like due to the fact it is fitted to the shape of the pontoon boat. I used a soft bristle brush and followed the instructions on the bottle. It dried rather quickly as the weather conditions were perfect for drying.

The following day again was great weather and I applied the Canvas Shield. It took approximately 45 mins to 1 hr. I was able to cover the main portion of the cockpit cover and I did all
the seams twice. Product went on well using the spray bottles. It took three bottles, would have used another 2 to cover the entire top twice

We had a thunderstorm late yesterday afternoon with about half hour of fairly heavy rain, checked the boat this am and I must say I was very pleased with the repellency of the canvas shield, very little water on the carpet which could not be prevented due to where the brackets for the Bimini where located.

Would certainly recommend this product to anyone looking to protect rain from entering their boat.

Attached are Pictures of the pontoon after using your Alumbuff with the linear buffer, sure does a great job without all the work of doing by hand & some of Cover.

Again, thank you for all your help and I must say Aurora Marine products do what they say they will do.