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Products recommended to seriously clean my 27 ft. cruiser boat?


Products recommended to seriously clean my 27 ft. cruiser boat?

Yngvar Hvistendahl, M.D. asked:

My 27 foot cabin cruiser has been in the San Francisco bay for 2 yrs and will need a serious cleaning. I have bottom paint on her that needs to be refreshed. The boat will be out of the water on a hydro-hoist in the future. Please recommend the best products for me. Thanks in advance.


We recommend to start by removing the chalk, oxidation, stains and scuffs from the fiberglass boat with Boat Scrub. If the fiberglass is dull and faded, buff it back to a shine with EZ BUFF buffing cream. Restoring chalky, faded gel coat on your fiberglass boats is EZ as 1, 2, 3 with the new EZ Buff boat detailing system. EZ BUFF is Tough on Oxidation but Easy on gel coat. Compared to traditional rubbing compounds that contain aggressive grits that scratch deeply into your gel coat and then require finer and finer grades to remove the scratching, thereby removing excessive amounts of your thin gel coat, EZ BUFF is designed to aggressively remove the oxidation, with minimal damage to the integral gel coat. Polishes the surface to a mirror finish, all in one step.

EZ BUFF buffing cream is a New Eco Friendly Formula,water based and Biodegradable. It’s environment, human and boat friendly. There are no Bad solvent odors and no coarse grit to scratch you gel coat. Working time with EZ BUFF can be extended even further with EZ BUFF EXTENDER and you get greater coverage, so it’s much less expensive than using rubbing compounds.

We recommend using EZ BUFF EXTENDER™ to extend working time and to lubricate the surface. This reduces the chance of swirl marks. The finished surface has a long lasting gloss and surface conditioning. Now it’s ready for protection with long lasting PREMIUM BOAT SHINE™. It’s easy to apply, all synthetic and Carnauba wax free.Protect all the vertical surfaces with Premium Boat Shine.

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