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Hindson Marina Open House Demo Speed Clean and Poly Guard


cleaning inflatable with speed clean

Here’s some more video footage from the demo that we did at Hindson Marina last Saturday. A lot of boaters were anxious to see if our inflatable boat cleaner, inflatable boat restorer and inflatable boat uv protection would actually work. A number of boat owners told me that other inflatable boat cleaning products and uv protectant simply did not work and they didn’t hold out much hope for our products either. It was a shame to see so many neglected inflatable and RIB dinghies at the marina.

The products that we were demonstrating were Speed Clean heavy duty inflatable boat cleaner also used to restore inflatable boat tubes and Poly Guard uv protection for inflatable boats. The test boat they challenged us with was nasty. It looked like it had never been cleaned. The rubber rub rail was gummy and cracking. The tube was badly oxidized with scuff marks and years of ground in dirt.

I was asked if Speed Clean was a Zodiac inflatable boat cleaners and an inflatable RIB cleaner and the answer to both questions is yes, but it’s used more for restoration and removal of chalk, scuff marks and stains. We have another product called Aurora Inflatable Boat Cleaner which is a spray, scrub and rinse cleaner which is more popular for regular cleaning. I’ll demonstrate that cleaner in another video. Speed Clean can also be used to clean and restore all other inflatable boat tubes regardless if they’re made from Hypalon, PVC or Polyurethane. In addition, Speed Clean is excellent for cleaning fiberglass, rubber and stainless steel. Our test boat definitely needed Speed Clean.

The following YouTube video will show you the basic process of how to clean inflatable rib boats and apply a durable uv protectant but if you need more information or how to apply inflatable boat bottom protectant anti-fouling and how to prevent osmosis blistering on your fiberglass bottom, read the Ask The Skipper blog that I author. It’s had over 1.6 million views. You can find it at www.auroramarineclub.com.

We’ll let the video prove how well our inflatable boat cleaner and protectant worked to restore the neglected inflatable rib. First we wet the tube with water. We used a Marine Power Mitt to reduce the amount of scrubbing. These things can cut the labor in half. Since I was elected to do the scrubbing I wanted all the help I could get. Next we applied Speed Clean inflatable boat restorer to the mitt and started scrubbing away the dirt, stains, oxidation and scuffs from the inflatable tube. You can see the oxidation and dirt coming out. The scuffs and stains took a bit more scrubbing.

Can you see the difference. The tube is starting to get clean. It even looks brighter, almost like it did when it was new. There was only so much we could do for the rubber rub rail. It was already sticky and cracked. We’ll just clean it up and protect it with Poly Guard UV protectant to prevent it from deteriorating further.

Poly Guard is a 3rd generation uv protector made especially for inflatable boats and RIB tubes. It’s a green, water based product using the latest technology. It’s not greasy or slippery so it does not transfer onto your clothes and you don’t slide around on the tube like the older oil based protectants. Two coats lasts all season so in the end it’s much more economical that the older technology stuff that you have to spray on every week and it doesn’t wash of with water like the old stuff. It certainly protects better. In addition to UV protection it also protects against suntan lotion, food and beverage stains and even exhaust soot penetration.

When it’s clean, we rinsed the Speed Clean and dirt off and let it dry then put on 2 coats of Poly guard for long lasting UV protection. You can see and feel the difference immediately.

Click on the image to see youtube video.

inflatable kit video

Video of using Aurora Marine Speed Clean and Poly Guard

I hope you enjoyed this video demonstration.
Captain Aurora