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Chris Craft, Burtram, Whaler


Craig called me up a few weeks ago looking for some advice and we started talking boats. Craig has a water access summer home on Georgian Bay and a collection of 10 power, sail and paddle boats. He told me that he’s been using Aurora Boat Care Products, for many years, to maintain his fleet with great success.

Georgian Bay is one of the most scenic and beautiful places on the planet but when the weather kicks up, the water can be treacherous. Well built, well maintained and seaworthy boats are important in this part of the world, especially if this is your only form of access.

When he told me what he had in his collection, I realized that Craig knows his boats and had a stable of beautiful, modern classics. I asked him to send me some pictures and he obliged with images of his gorgeous red, white and blue Chris Craft, his completely rebuilt C. Ray Hunt designed Bertram Moppie and his Boston Whaler Dauntless.


Clean Bertram Boat

The picture showing how clean the bottom of his Chris stays with VS721 protecting it adds a whole new dimension to the term “prop walking”. That picture of the Moppie at dock with the mirror image in the water and the craggy Georgian Bay shoreline in the background is worthy of framing. And, that Chris in the boathouse makes me dream of cutting work and getting out on the water, just exploring the coast line or doing nothing at all. Just beautiful. I think that Craig must be a professional photographer.

Shiny Cris Craft

Be sure to visit the Photo Gallery on our Website to see Craig’s other pictures including the before and after and shiny boat images.

Thanks Craig, for sharing some pictures of your beautiful boats. I understand why you’re so proud. I’m very pleased that we could help with the products to keep your boats looking so pristine.

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar