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Aurora Repelin. Anti-Fouling For Inflatables



Aurora Marine Industries newest product, REPELIN is now available for protecting the bottoms of Inflatables and RIB’s against the attachment of Marine growth. Repelin is a unique, anti-fouling coating, developed especially for Inflatables. Now it’s safe to leave your Inflatable in the water without fear that half the critters in the ocean will make your boat bottom their home.

This new and unique product uses a different approach to the elimination of fouling from inflatable boats that are left in the water for any period of time. It’s biocide free and relies on Aurora’s propriety VS721. This polymer coating is so slippery that marine life can’t get a grip. Regular use of the boat keeps the bottom clean and for boats that are left stationary for periods of time, any slime that may accumulate is quickly wiped off with a sponge. It is easily applied, like a liquid polish, and left to dry to a haze. The haze is wiped away, revealing a perfectly clear, shinny, finish. Boat owners love it because it does not discolor their boat or rub off on them when hauling or handling the boat. Repelin is Environment Friendly because it is completely inert. Nothing escapes or leaches into the water, like toxic anti-fouling paints.

Other benefits of REPELIN are performance improvements. VS721 reduces drag on the bottom, which in turn increases speed, acceleration, hole shots, and reduces fuel consumption. REPELIN works equally well in fresh and salt water and 2 coats will protect your boat for a whole season. It is sold with 100% Customer Satisfaction, or your money back, guarantee.

Aurora Marine Industries are leaders in the field of cleaners and protectors for Inflatable boats and Repelin completes their line of specialty products. These products are now recommended by boat manufactures, Worldwide.