Aurora Marine Boat Bucks

A Boat Buck Earned is a Boat Buck Saved!

Aurora Marine Boat Bucks

“Boat Bucks” is the name of the Aurora Marine Industries on-line loyalty reward points program.

How our Loyalty Program works

Once they started using Aurora Boat Care Products and discovered how superior they were, many thousands of boat owners have remained loyal to the Aurora Marine brand for decades. In recognition of their loyalty, we started our Loyalty Program to reward our repeat customers with Boat Bucks that you can use to save money on future purchases.

To take advantage of our Loyalty Program You must first register and open an account, or join the Aurora Marine Club, to be eligible. Guest purchasers cannot earn Boat Bucks as they do not have an account that the Boat Bucks can be credited to. Each time you order Aurora Boat Care Products on-line your account will be credited with points for every dollar spent on products purchased. Purchase price is calculated after discounts and promotions are deducted. Shipping and taxes do not qualify for Boat Bucks. Boat Bucks will accumulate with each order and can be applied to future purchase to save you money on your boat maintenance needs. If you do not have an account, make sure to open one, otherwise Boat Bucks cannot be credited after your purchase has been completed.

To register and open your Loyalty Reward Program Account Click here. Registration is FREE.

Visit the Aurora Marine Website frequently to see our weekly promotions and see what’s on sale. This is another money saving opportunity from Aurora Marine. Promotional products are offered on sale to encourage our customers to try new products. DON’T MISS OUT!


EFFECTIVE JANUARY 01, 2024, BOAT BUCKS POINTS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN USED DURING THE PREVIOUS 24 MONTHS, OR LONGER, WILL EXPIRE AUTOMATICALLY. This policy is necessary to purge our system of dormant or unused BOAT BUCKS, that are unlikely to be used. EXPIRED BOAT BUCKS POINTS CANNOT BE REINSTATED. We encourage all Aurora Marine customers to use their BOAT BUCKS points as soon as possibe, before they expire.