Tips From the Pros
How to... Remove Salt Residue
While Cleaning, Shining & Protecting Your Boat
Background - Salt Residue on Boats
Sea water contains about 2.6% Sodium Chloride (NaCl). Salt readily releases free Chlorine Ions which reacts with metal, destroys protective wax or silicone polishes and eventually etches and dulls fiberglass. The best protection against salt are polymers, but even they will lose the battle against salt in a relatively short time. The other problem is that when salt is in its fused state it becomes crystalline. Trying to remove it by wiping it away or applying fresh polish or wax over it will scratch the surface of your boat.

Experienced boaters hose off the salt with fresh water at every opportunity. Although this helps get the majority of the salt off, there is always salt residue in the water droplets. When the water evaporates, salt spots are left behind to continue damaging your boat.

A better solution is to wash your boat with a free rinsing emulsifying cleaner like Aurora Boat Clean, thoroughly drying the surface and then re-polishing your boat. Unfortunately this is a time consuming, laborious task that few boat owners are willing to do on a regular basis.

The best solution for regular maintenance is to use Aurora Kwik Shine. Simply spray Kwik Shine onto the surface, wipe away the residue salt and any accumulated dirt and buff to a brilliant protective shine. With the same time and effort it takes to wash and dry your boat, you can remove the salt, as well as clean, shine and protect it.

Materials List:

Products Required:

Aurora Kwik Shine
2 Clean Dry Cloths

Aurora Kwik Shine is a new discovery that contains a unique polymer which cleans, shines and protects in one easy step. It can be used in fresh as well as salt water conditions, although the salt will turbo charge the cleaning action. It can be used on fiberglass, hard painted or varnished surfaces, aluminum, stainless steel, chrome, plexiglass, plastic, etc., both inside and outside the boat.

When sprayed onto encrusted salt, Kwik Shine reacts with and dissolves the salt, converting it into part of the cleaning and polishing system. In effect using the salt to clean and protect your boat, rather than struggling to remove it before it causes damage. Kwik Shine can be used ashore, at the dock or when under way on a cruise. The boat does not have to be pre-cleaned unless it is highly oxidized or very dirty.

Kwik Shine is to be used for regular maintenance and as a detailing product. It is not intended to replace deep cleaning and polishing your boat each spring and fall. (See Boat Clean, Boat Scrub and Boat Shine). Regular use of Kwik Shine throughout the season will eliminate the etching effect of salt, keep your boat looking new and will increase the value at trade in time. Results have been proven and it comes with a 100% Guarantee.

Caution: Things to Avoid when Using Kwik Shine

1) Aurora Kwik Shine is designed for hard smooth surfaces only. Avoid overspray, or protect adjacent surfaces, such as upholstery, non skid decks, sails, lines and rope, vinyl fenders etc.

2) Be aware of overspray, especially on windy days. Your neighbors may not appreciate getting their boats sprayed, unless of course you are willing to polish their entire boat for them.

3) Do not spray onto cloth and attempt to wipe away salt as this will not dissolve the salt and will cause scratching. Spray directly onto surface to be cleaned.



Whay Others Say...

“I tried Kwik Shine and thanks, it's Dynamite!. Great product guys!”
Chuck, Hollywood F

Aurora Kwik Shine is the best product I've used. It's real easy to use, got rid of all salt spots, restored the faded blue stripe on the bridge and made my boat shine like new. I love all the compliments I get.”
D.G. RVYC, Vancouver BC

“I tried your Kwik Shine and Wow, what a great product!”
Walter, Jensen Beach FL



If boat is heavily covered with salt, pre-rinse with water otherwise excessive amounts of Kwik Shine will be required to remove the heavy build up. Fresh water is preferred, however salt water may be used. Remove scuff marks and stains from fiberglass with Aurora Boat Scrub. Otherwise pre-cleaning is not required.

Spray directly onto surface, making sure that all salt is covered. Work in small areas, 1 to 3 square feet. With first cloth, wipe away salt and dirt, turning cloth often. With second cloth use rapid, light strokes to friction buff to a brilliant shine. Stand back and admire.

(See Boat Clean Plus, Boat Scrub and Premium Boat Shine)

How the Pros Do It

If time does not permit doing the entire boat, do one section at a time. For example do the deck, later do the cockpit, when you have access to a dingy or if you're at a sand bar, do the top sides, etc.

Superior Anti Static properties repel dust and resist fingerprints. Dealers use Kwik Shine on their show boats and at trade shows. They also use it for detailing used boats.

Use Kwik Shine to clean and polish glass, such as windshields.

Use it on cars, trucks, computer screens, MW oven doors, as furniture polish, especially if dust is a problem.

Kwik Shine may streak if applied in direct sun or on hot surfaces. Reapplication will remove streaks. If shade is not available, work in smaller sections & buff to a shine before it dries.