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Your Amazing products saved my (Expensive) Chiropractic Tables!


Sticky Chiropractic Tables. Sticky Chiropractic Tables

In order to protect my patients, my staff, and myself from becoming infected with the Corona Virus I’ve been using best protective practices, in addition to cleaning and disinfecting my Chiropractic Tables with disinfectants after every use. Unfortunately, after only a few short months, the disinfectants were destroying the vinyl on my tables and making them sticky and hard to clean. The Chiropractic Tables are expensive and it’s too costly to pull them out of service and have them re-upholstered every few months.

I appreciate you taking the time last week to discuss my Sticky Chiropractic Tables problem and how to use your products. The Speed Clean worked amazing! I used it and the Inflatable Boat Cleaner. It took multiple applications of both, but it worked amazingly. I have just finished applying the Vinyl Guard (I put on 4 coats). From one business to another, you might want to consider branding and marketing these products to the chiropractic profession for table maintenance and for fixing sticky tables…

An additional comment: When I used Speed Clean and paper towels, I did not get as good results as I did when using the Marine Power Mitt. The only negative I could say is that the smell of the cleaning products was strong. The smell of the guard wasn’t too bad.

Thanks again for your help. I will definitely order again and spread the word.
Jeremy Rosner

Follow up:

Here’s a picture of one of my Chiropractic Tables after cleaning the stickiness and protecting with Poly Guard. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any before pictures. I should have videoed it, the difference was that impressive. I originally used the products on half the table so I could compare the two sides. The difference was obvious right away. Attached is the after picture. The tables look and feel brand new again. I use honest brand hydrogen peroxide as my disinfectant /cleaner and the Vinyl Guard is standing up to it.