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Will your Stain Remover remove stains without damaging tape


Mike Vargo asked:

I have a 2000 SeaRay with tannic acid (brown/rust colored stains) on the side of my boat from the A/C discharge. This stain is on the fiberglass and tape stripes. Will your Waterline Stain Remover remove this stain without damaging the tape stripes? Do you have a product that will protect the hull from this staining?

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Aurora Waterline Stain Remover will get rid of the stains, but will not affect the tape, providing that it is the original vinyl based tape from the

The stains from your AC could be from a combination of different chemicals; Tannic Acid if it’s present in the water and being pumped through the AC, rust from the steel components inside the AC, oxidation from other internal AC components, bacteria and other pollutants in the water, etc. VS721 Bottom Coat will reduce the staining and prevent it from penetrating into the pores of your gelcoat, but some pollutants will stain anything it comes into contact with including VS721 Bottom Coat. The good news about using VS721 Bottom Coat is that the pollutants will stain the coating and not the gelcoat on your boat. It will also facilitate easier removal of the stains. A periodic wipe with a sponge and a bit of Boat Clean Plus or Boat Scrub should keep the area stain free all season.

Thanks for your question.

Captain Aurora

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