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Will VS721 prevent green slime build up on boat hulls.


Tim Doberstein asked:

Besides zebra mussels does it help with the green slime build up.
Would it make it easier to clean boat bottoms?


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Slime is bacteria in water and bacteria and slime will attach to everything. To prevent this some boat owners apply anti-fouling paint to kill the bacteria on contact. They utilize heavy metal neurotoxins such as cupreous oxide or other bio-toxins to do this. The problem is that these poisons leach into the water and kill other marine life indiscriminately and the metallic content can cause galvanic corrosion to metal parts on the boat and to aluminum boats. These paints can cause a 20 ft. plume around the boat that can asphyxiate fish and enter the human body, when you’re swimming around the boat, and attack the nervous system. That’s why they’re being banned.

VS721 has no metallic content and is non-toxic and environment safe. It works instead by making the bottom super smooth and slippery so that it is more difficult for marine life to attach and it also facilitates easy clean up. It takes longer for slime to attach and the slime is easily wiped off with a sponge or brush. On boats that are used on a regular basis, the movement through the water will clean away any slime.

Other benefits of VS721 are: the reduced drag (16% at 20 mph) improves performance and reduces fuel consumption, It seals the pores in fiberglass gelcoat to prevent osmosis blisters, it won’t cause galvanic corrosion, it makes clean up much easier and it’s perfectly clear so that it preserves the beauty and value of the boat.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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