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Will the run off or rinse residue from Boat Scrub and Boat Clean Plus damage the wax on my hull?


James McNiel asked:


I was watching your youtube video and trying to figure out how to brighten up my non skid deck.  I just had the boat detailed and it looks great, however the decks that are exposed are chalky, while the covered decks look pretty decent.  I’d like all the non-skid to look good.


My question, with the Boat Scrub product, it looks like it whitens and deoxidizes which is what I’m looking to do.  Is it safe for wax or will it remove the wax as I rinse it off and it runs off the boat over the waxed surfaces?  Is this something that should be done prior to waxing as to not leave the boat unprotected?




For your convenience, I’ve highlighted the hyperlinks. Click on the hyperlink to get more information about the selected product.


Thank you for watching our YouTube video: Keep Your Non-Skid Decks Clean and Shiny. Never Scrub Them Again! It describes the entire process required to get your decks pristine so you can seal and protect them with Sure Step. The new and improved Sure Step now incorporates Nano Technology for increased durability. Now a single application of Sure Step will keep your non-skid decks shiny and protected against UV, staining and soiling for 6to 8 months.

The products in the Sure Step Deck Protect Kit are all System Matched to give your Guaranteed Results, without any harmful side effects. Both cleaners, Boat Scrub and Boat Clean Plus are very aggressive and effective cleaners, yet they are water based, environment friendly, boat friendly, human friendly and free rinsing. Any residue that is rinsed overboard and remains on the hull can easily be rinsed clean with a garden hose and fresh water, without any adverse effect to your boat finish, the land or the water that it lands on.


It’s imperative to get your gelcoat as clean and free from pollutants as possible as the Sure Step will seal the gelcoat and lock in any stains, discoloration, dirt, oily pollutants, even bacteria and fungus. In other words; what you see is what you get! The two cleaners, Boat Clean Plus and Boat Scrub with Hypexine, work together to deep clean the gelcoat to the point that it almost fluoresces. When Sure Step is applied, it locks in that finish so you will enjoy a clean, shiny, new looking, easy to maintain, non-slippery finish all season long. Sure Step is the most durable, longest lasting non-skid deck protective finish on the market.


Cleaning and maintaining Sure Step is easy. In most cases all that’s required is simply rinsing with a garden hose and fresh water and wiping dry. If you have dried on fish blood, oily pollutants or bird droppings, you can wet the deck, spray on some free rinsing Boat Clean Plus, agitate with a mop, sponge or soft bristled brush and rinse clean.


You’ll love your shiny, new, easy to clean, non-slippery decks. The Sure Step Deck Protect Kit is one of our top selling products.


Here’s some feedback from some of our happy customers:




You can find more information in my Ask the Skipper Blog.


Thanks for your question,


Captain Aurora

Richard Kittar

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