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Will Salt Removal products remove Poly Guard or Canvas Shield on my RIB’s?


Chris Thalmann asked:

Hi, I use several Aurora products on our company RIB boats and am wondering about two specific products: canvas shield and poly guard. Can you tell me if the longevity of either product is lessened by the use of salt-buildup rinses like Salt-Away, No-Salt and Salt-Off? I know Salt-Away is slightly acidic, not sure about other salt residue removers.

Thanks very much for any guidance on this – love your products by the way!


Hi Chris,

I’m pleased that you love our products. We put a lot of time, effort and expense developing the best boat care products available and it’s nice to hear that we’re appreciated.

We are not the manufacturers of the salt removal products that you mentioned and we are not privy to their formulas, so we cannot recommend them to be used in conjunction with our products or confirm that they wont damage the fabrics that you’re protecting.

For cleaning and removing salt from your canvas products, protected with Canvas Shield, I recommend you use Fabri-Klean and for the inflatables and RIB tubes use Inflatable Boat Cleaner. These products are not acid based and are safe for the substrates, plus they are environment friendly. They were specifically designed for cleaning canvas used on boats and for cleaning Hypalon, PVC and Polyurethane boats. All of our products are System Matched and designed to work well with each other to give you maximum performance and benefit and to be safe.

When you mix and match products from different manufacturers, you never know what surprises you will get.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora

Richard Kittar

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