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Will Repelin break down Hypalon?


Marc asked:

Do I absolutely need to apply Poly Guard before Repelin on a Hypalon Inflatable bottom? Will the Repelin break down the Hypalon?


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Yes. If you apply Repelin directly to the Hypalon tube, it will bond to the tube and if ever you need to make a patch or glue on a fixture, it will be very difficult to remove the Repelin and your patch may not be satisfactory. Poly Guard can be completely removed so if you put it on first and then the Repelin, you can remove both if you need to. Repelin also provides extra UV protection to reduce oxidation and chalking which is common with Hypalon boats.

Repelin will not break down Hypalon but will bond aggressively which can impair patchability. Poly Guard acts as a base that can be completely stripped.

For guaranteed results I also recommend that you clean and remove all stains, oxidation and release chemicals used in manufacture from the Hypalon fabric with Speed Clean before applying the Poly Guard. The results will be worth the effort.

Thanks for your question.
Captain Aurora

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