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Will one jar of Sure Step be enough for a 33 ft. sailboat?


Ernie Bivona asked:

My boat is 33 feet long with a 10.8 beam. If I am concerned only with the non-skid deck area, could one can suffice? I was not planning on using this product where traction is less important and regular wax or Polliglow could be used -seating areas.


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Each jar of Sure Step will cover about 200 sq. ft. and you need 2 coats. It can not be used over wax or Poly Glow but can be used on all deck surfaces, including the seating area. It is not greasy or slippery like wax and will not transfer onto your cloths or yellow the gelcoat like carnauba wax.Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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