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Will one Deck Protect Kit be enough for a 33′ sailboat?


Ernie Bivona asked:

Will one Deck Protect Kit work on my boat? It is 33 feet long and has a beam of 10.8. Being a sailboat, the beam narrows fore and aft of amidships. There is teak only on the seating areas. My most obvious concerns is on the non-slip areas, especially the foredeck and around the mast where crew need to work with the spinnaker and spinnaker pole.


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The square footage of the horizontal surface of your boat is approximately (33 x 10.8 x 85% =) 302.94 sq. ft. Coverage of Sure Step is about 200 sq. ft and you need two coats. Coverage of the cleaners is more difficult to estimate as it depends on the condition of your boat and how it’s been maintained. If it’s in good shape, one bottle of Boat Clean Plus and one bottle of Boat Scrub should be sufficient for the deck and cockpit sole. If it’s older, oxidized, has ingrained dirt or grime or if you are stripping other finishes, you will need more.

Most sailors use Sure Step on the entire deck, smooth as well as non-skid in order to maximize traction for the safety of their crew, especially when the decks are wet and the boat is pitching around. This is not the time to slip and loose your footing.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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