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Will cleaning with Green Genie damage my Boat Trailer?


Juan Carlos Martinez asked:

I have one question: The Green Genie product is safe on steel? I have a ski boat that seats on a trailer, can I aplly green genie without worrying the dripping will cause damage on the trailer? Thanks



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I assume that your boat trailer is either painted or galvanized. If it were steel, it would already be rusty. In either case, Green Genie can bite into and etch the paint and stain the galvanized.

I recommend that you raise your boat up off the bunks so that you can get the entire bottom clean and then protect your trailer with a tarp or large sheet of plastic, such as inexpensive painters drop cloth available at most dollar stores. Raising your boat up off the bunks is not difficult, using the proven method that I’ve outlined in my Ask the Skipper blog “Getting under the bunks to clean the boat bottom.

While your boat is off the bunks, I recommend that you also deep clean the gelcoat with Boat Scrub to remove any scuffs or stains that the Green Genie didn’t remove and then apply VS721 foul release coating to the bottom.

VS721, a clear bottom coat will seal the pores in the gelcoat to protect your boat against Boat Pox or osmosis blistering, which can ruin your boat. It is the cheapest insurance you can get against boat pox. VS721 will also make clean up at the end of the season much easier and if you wipe the slime off the boat bottom from time to time as it appears during the season, while you’re swimming around the boat, the bottom will stay clean all season long and you won’t have to deal with cleaning it in the fall. And, Zebra Mussels can’t stick to VS721. It’s a great investment in maintaining the appearance of your boat and preserving its value.

VS721 works by making the bottom of your boat very slippery so it will also improve the boat’s performance and reduce fuel consumption. In addition, it will make hauling and launching much easier. It’s very durable so one application will last all season. There are no toxins or heavy metals in the product so it can be used safely on all surfaces below the waterline such as props, transducers, etc. It’s environment friendly and safe for swimmers, wakeboarders and skiers, around your boat.

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Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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