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Will Boat Shine Cause Yellow Stains on my Boat?


Ray Chafey asked:

I’m getting yellow discoloration on my boat. I called the factory and they told me not to use Carnauba Wax on my boat. They recommended your products. Will your Boat Shine cause yellowing? How can I remove the yellow stains?

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Aurora Premium Boat Shine will not cause yellowing or discoloration on your boat. When the sun heats up the wax on your boat it melts and releases the natural yellow / brown dye in the wax, which can cause staining. Premium Boat Shine is completely synthetic and does not contain pigments or dye. The heat from the sun does not melt it so it stays diamond hard and anti-static. Waxes as you know, become greasy when they are warmed and attract and hold dirt and black streaks.

You may remember your parents or grandparents applying Carnauba Wax to their floors back in the 1950’s and 60’s. After a few months, the floors would start to turn yellow and they would have to be stripped with ammonia, steel wool pads and a heavy scrubbing, polishing machine. New wax would be applied and the whole process repeated in a few months.

Wax technology has improved somewhat since then and better waxes are more refined to remove more of the natural dye, but the basic properties still remain. This is why boat manufacturers are telling their customers to switch to newer synthetic products to protect their fiberglass boats.

To remove the yellow stains, use Boat Clean Plus and Boat Scrub and follow the instructions in another Ask The Skipper question, “Removing Yellow Stains from Deck”


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