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Will Algex harm the paint on the outboard?


Kathy asked:

Can I use Algex to clean the Mercury Outboard when I am cleaning the pontoons. Will it harm the finish


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Perhaps. Algex will normally not attack hard surfaced paints. If the outboard has the original factory finish and you are removing algae, then not, unless you have unusually tough marine growth such as mineral deposits, zebra mussels or barnacles. Some of this type of growth will have actually penetrated through the paint or will attach with such tenacity that the paint will come off with the growth. If you have repainted the lower leg with an aftermarket spray paint, then there is a chance that Algex will remove some of that as the paint does not bond well to the aluminum. In those cases you will need to re-spray the lower leg with touch up paint which is readily available at better marine stores.

You can test a small area, for example on the skeg first to be sure that it does not attack the paint, but since you need to get the fouling off, it doesn’t matter. If the paint comes off in spots, it will come off regardless and you will need to get a can of touch up paint to spray paint those areas.

We recommend that in future, you protect the lower leg of your outboard with VS721. This will reduce the attachment of marine fouling and if you wipe off the slime from time to time, you will not have any growth at the end of the season and not have to worry about damaging the finish.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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