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Will Algae Strip Remove Heavy Algae From My Boat Bottom?


Bill Kneeland asked:

I have a very thick layer of algae below the water line on a 17 ft Boston Whaler. 4:1 muriatic acid just barely removes the fresh water algae- 30 minutes of brushing and re-coating removes about 12″ x 12″ area. Will AURORA ALGAE STRIP work better?

How many 500 ml bottles would you recommend to do the job?
THANKS for you help


For your convenience, I’ve highlighted the hyperlinks. Click on the hyperlink to get more information about the selected product.


I suggest that you brush or power wash off as much of the algae as possible, preferably when you haul your boat and it is still wet. Next pour some Algae Strip in a plastic paint tray and then roll it over the surface with a paint roller on a broom handle. Make sure the paint roller has a plastic core, not cardboard.

Leave it alone for about 30 minutes and then just hose it off. If it is really bad, you may have to repeat. From the sounds of your problem, you may have to re-coat the bottom several times so I would recommend 2 or 3 bottles. When you are through, clean the bottom with Aurora Boat Scrub. If you want to reduce the problem in the future, coat the bottom with 2 coats of Aurora VS721 Bottom Coat. It seals the pores in the fiberglass and makes the bottom so slippery that algae can’t attach. Any slime that attaches just wipes off with a sponge.


Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora

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