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Will Algae Strip hurt my asphalt driveway


I am going to wash my Boat bottom with Algae Strip on my asphalt driveway. Will this product have any adverse effect on the asphalt?


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Yes, Algae Strip is an acid based cleaner and it will damage your driveway. The acids will biodegrade rapidly on contact with water, so if you absolutely must clean your boat on the driveway, I would suggest laying down a plastic drop cloth and keep it flooded with water until you are done. Much of the acid will be consumed by the marine growth that you are removing, but there is always the danger of it dripping onto the ground, or in your case the driveway.

When you are through, make sure that you rinse your boat bottom, trailer and driveway with copious amounts of water until all is clean. You may also want to protect your trailer with plastic sheets or garbage bags or at least rinse it well with water to lessen the effects of the acids.

Algae Strip is inhibited so it will not damage the fiberglass on your boat.

We recommend that you use Algex on your outboard or lower unit as it is designed to clean marine growth from aluminum without damaging or pitting it like Algae Strip will. Algae Strip is for fiberglass only.


Thanks for your question

Captain Aurora.

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