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What’s The Best Product To Clean Hypalon


My Aquapro white Hypalon RIB dinghy has mildew and stains on the fabric. What’s the best product to effectively clean the surface, without harming the fabric.

Roger Spence

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Aurora Speed Clean should do the job for you. Use a sponge and some water on the smooth parts and a scrub brush to get in and around the fittings. After cleaning, use Aurora Poly Guard to protect the Hypalon from dirt, suntan oil, etc., and prevent mildew from attacking the fabric in the future. It will also put a nice shine on the tubes. It’s not slippery or greasy and offers good UV protection. Use Repelin on all surfaces below the waterline to prevent fouling, diesel stain, soot and dirt attachment. It will also give you better speed, acceleration and get you up on plane faster.

These products are endorsed and recommended by Inflatable and RIB manufacturers. They’re guaranteed to work, or you get your money back.

Captain Aurora