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What to do after Green Genie?


Adam M Jablonski asked:

Hello, first of all I want to say that I love your products. I have used your boat cleaner and and boat shine as well as Green Genie, which I think is an outstanding product. I just pulled my boat out of the water, brought it home, and cleaned with green genie the best that I could. It removed most of the growth that was on the bottom, especially in areas I could get to easily. My question is that there is still a minor film in some areas, and I wanted to know what the best course of action might be to get rid of that before fixing some gel coat chips and then applying VS21? I didn’t know if I should lightly sand, or what…Thank you for your time and attention in advance to my question and thank you for the wonderful products.


Answer :


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Thank you for the compliments. We hear so often how much boat owners love our products and how well they worked for them, but we never tire of hearing it again. After all, our mission is to provide our customers with the best care their boat can get.

If I understand your comments, you were unable to access all of the bottom of your boat, I assume because it was on a trailer. I suggest that first, you lift your boat off the trailer bunks, following these instructions: . Then you will be able to get all of the marine growth off.

Next scrub the bottom with Boat Scrub and a Marine Power Mitt and rinse clean. This will get rid of any remaining film, stain and scuff marks.

Never sand your gelcoat, unless you are doing repairs or trying to remove very heavy oxidation. Gelcoat is rather thin and it’s very easy to sand right through.

You will need to scrape out the gelcoat damage and sand around that area only. Then, wash the area well with acetone to remove any pollutants that can hamper the repair. Now you can use an artist’s paint brush to build up the damaged gelcoat, until the gelcoat is proud of the surface. Be sure to paint the new gelcoat over the sanded areas as well. Now you can use 600 to 800 grit wet sandpaper on a sanding block, with lots of water, to sand the area smooth. Next scrub with Boat Scrub and rinse clean. Now you can apply the VS721. When you’re through, you can lower the boat back onto the trailer and touch up the areas that were under the blocks.

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Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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