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What products do I need to protect my new fiberglass boat?


Richard Kennedy asked:

Hi, I bought a new boat this year and I am wondering what products do you recommend for protecting the gelcoat. It’s a 2019 chaparral fish and ski.




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You have two options for the hull and gunwales or deck area, depending on how you plan to use and maintain your boat:

If you only want to protect your boat once a season then use Premium Boat Shine It’s durable and can last up to a whole year although most boaters will apply it spring and fall, especially if they store their boat outside during the winter.

Here’s a link to some pictures that John sent us after restoring an older Chaparral: https://www.auroramarine.com/aurora/gallery/gallery-chaparral.php

If you plan to detail your boat every month, or more frequently, use Kwik Shine. It’s a spray on, wipe off product that is quick and easy to use. It cleans, protects, provides good UV protection, is anti-static so it repels dust and dirt and gives you a mirror like finish. If yours the OB model, you can also use it to detail the engine cowling and lower leg plus it can be used as a glass polish on the windshield, which will repel rain and water splash. A lot of boaters use Kwik Shine during the season, after using Premium Boat Shine to do touch ups, on their windshield, engine cowling, instruments and compass etc.

Below the waterline, use VS721. It will protect your boat bottom from osmosis blisters, make clean up easier and improve the performance of your boat. It will also make hauling and launching your boat easier.

Use Boat Clean Plus to wash your boat and shampoo the carpets

Use EZ Vinyl Cleaner and Vinyl Guard to clean and protect your seats. One application of Vinyl Guard lasts all season. These products come in a Vinyl Care Kit.

If you need more information about protecting and maintaining your boat, please visit my Ask the Skipper Blog.


Thanks for your question,


Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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