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What Can I Put on the Boot Stripe to Prevent Plant based Growth?


Philip Kubat asked:

I have used your deck products before, I have a different issue and don’t know what products to use. I have a sailboat that is on a morring in a brackish river, mostly salt water. There are very strong current. These current create a bow wave. The bow have of course rides above the boot strip. I am looking for something clear that I can put on the boot strip to prevent grow (green, plat based growth). What would you recommend?


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Hi Phil,

You can try Blue Water Hull Polish. You will still need to wipe the area down from time to time but it will help resist growth, and if you wipe the slime off as it appears it will prevent growth.

You can also use Blue Water Hull Polish on the entire hull which will make removal of salt much easier as salt doesn’t stick and it can be easily rinsed off with a garden hose.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora

Richard Kittar

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