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Waxing Imron Paint


William Merkley asked:
My boat is painted with Imron. I was told by the manufacturer not to wax it. Wax will cause it to yellow. What are your thoughts on this?

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Most boat waxes are made from Carnauba Wax, wich will cause yeallowing on fiberglass and painted surfaces. In addition, because Imron is a linear polyeurethane, waxes can also cause the paint to blister.

Many thousands of boat owners have had good success cleaning their LP painted surfaces with Boat Clean Plus and protecting and shining it with Kwik Shine. Neither of these products contain Carnauba Wax. Kwik Shine will also remove oxidation and offers UV protection to prevent damage and fading from the sun. For the decks, I recommend Sure Step as it will protect your decks, but is not slippery. Sure Step does not contain any Carnauba Wax so it won’t yellow or blister the finish.

Thanks for your question,
Captain Aurora

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