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Use Inflatable Bottom Spray on a Boat with Bottom Paint


Art Golden has submitted the following:

Can Inflatable Bottom Spray be used on an inflatable that has bottom paint on it?


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Yes it can but it may discolor or streak the bottom paint or if the paint is unstable, it may remove it. Feedback that we have been getting from our customers is that the discoloration is minimal and often the color will revert back in a short time. In many cases there is no discoloration or streaking at all. Keep in mind that if you have growth on the bottom paint, it is probably exhausted and needs to be replaced, otherwise you would not have growth in the first place. Also, often times there are adhesion problems with bottom paints on inflatable tubes and if this is the case some of the bottom paint may be removed. As with all cleaners, you should do a test with in a small inconspicuous place first to make sure you are getting the results yo expect.

Inflatable Bottom Spray was formulated especially for inflatable boats. It is as strong as you should use to remove bottom growth, without damaging the fabric that the boat is made from.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora

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