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Suggested Products for Mother’s Day


Harvey Benton asked:

My Mom and Dad love our boat and use it every opportunity. Mom is always fussing about keeping everything clean, shiny and pretty on the inside and Dad does the outside and heavy lifting stuff. Which of your products would you recommend as a Mother’s Day gift?


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You must come from a typical North American family as this is a typical division of duties on a family boat.

Some of the products that your Mother would appreciate are our Vinyl Care Kit, the Clear View Kit and Kwik Shine. These are products that are easy to use and will readily enhance the appearance of the boat (make it pretty) and make you Mother proud.

Of course if in doubt, we also have on-line Gift Cards in various denominations that we will deliver to Mom’s email address on Mothers Day morning. That way Mom will be delightfully surprised and she can get what she wants.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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